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Friday, May 06, 2016

Indian Winter? Hurricane Preparation... Think LONG Term... Days... Weeks... Remember Wilma in Miami

Going to talk on the tropics and weather first and....
... mention something to keep in mind as the hurricane season approaches. 

Remember yesterday the front was draped across Florida and Cuba?
It's now disappeared and reappeared in the Atlantic.
The waves coming off of Africa are disappearing...
...and reappearing. 
Nice little wave train for May..

If there was a thing called Indian Winter this would be it.

Current temps as of this morning.
50s in the Carolinas.
68 degrees in Key West?
Miami 70 degrees...

Nice cool weather.
Leggings and short skirts weather.
Illusions winter is back but no it's temporary.

I'm not gonna show pics cause you really don't want to see snow now do you?

Mountains of NC had a dusting of snow.

I had hail yesterday and nearby minor tornadoes.
Crazy weather.
Supposedly this is the last blast of winter.
Okay... but they said that the last time.

You can see the fronts below.
One offshore and one coming down over Florida.

rb-animated.gif (1120×480)

Still a fast flow but who knows?

You might want to print that out.. old school.
Check it off.
Take it to Publix with ya..

As for Hurricane Preparation I want you to think long term. has begun doing hurricane prep discussion.
What hits me strongest is the fact that people don't realize its ...
.....all about long term.

Don't just buy batteries (yes they exist).. lots when you see them on sale.
Water is not one or two gallons... them away.
Buy them on sale and use throughout the year.
Replace the supply often.

Miami was knocked off the electrical grid for over a week...
...after a hit from Wilma.

Note the grid went down...

Wilma was not Andrew. 
Wilma was not Donna.
Wilma was not Betsy.
Wilma was Wilma.

Trees went down that hadn't gone down in ages.
The FPL grid went down in many places.
Many more people live in Miami now...
Ever been on the Palmetto Expressway any time of the day?

There is no Express Lane for Hurricanes in Miami.
So... when thinking on what to do with the kiddies after a hurricane.

Buy lots of crayons and paper.
No kindle or iPad.
Lots of luck.

Think long term.

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Besos BobbiStorm ;) @bobbistorm on Twitter.

PS... Tip from Mike at

Think LONG LONG TERM when making plans for AFTER
a hurricane.... it's not all about during but often after is the harder part that most people do not prepare for or think on.


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