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Friday, May 13, 2016

Hurricane Demolished at Boomers... No More Rollercoasters in Miami FLL? 18 Days Til Hurricane Season & Very Long Range Models Show Development... ..

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So much to write about and yet so little at the same time. That time of year... where weather people watch areas of weather deep in the tropics come together and fall apart. We watch even knowing the ending. You've never watched a Rerun? I Love Lucy and the Honeymooners Empire were built on repeat offenders. Each successive generation watches them now on Netflix which was started for movies but now shows seasons of television over and over.

We even watch models knowing how they will turn out .... so much for Reality TV shows in the weather world.

We watch the models ... even long, long range models.
Even the GFS model.
Just because we can... 

So while the Atlantic is trying to percolate.
Fighting off the strong wind flow around the lows...
Around the Highs... towards the Low.
Air moving too fast.
But when it slows down.

See the flow here....

Follow the yellow brick road of wind flow...
...when the flow slows something will develop.

I woke up this morning and learned of the death of a Hurricane.
Not a person ... a Hurricane.
The Hurricane was once upon a time....
... the large wooden roller coaster off I95.
A place called Boomers.
I know...2 days in a row huh?

Most newcomers to Miami know it as a visual landmark.
On the way to FLL to pick up cousins.
Cause everyone has a cousin in Miami...

Spoiler Alert...
People fly into FLL to got to Miami.
Well people in the know do... 
...if you got a cousin in Miami they will tell you FLL NOT MIA!

Wondering if you my son will get to watch a Buffett concern there.
Sorry Hashtag #insidethought lol 

You know you haven't gotten to FLL yet... 
It's sort of like "slow down and watch for the signs to FLL"

I wonder how many relatives will be standing by arrivals...
...waiting til people get to WPB before realizing where they are... 

Miami and Hollywood kids would hang out there.
Someone decided that big parcel of land would make a great place for...
...another large shopping entertainment complex.
Seeing as they seem to have run out of space at Oakwood Plaza ...
....just up the road.

They are going to build a new place to fight Amazon online.
Lots of luck.
Think good restaurants...

Where I live now most of the shopping venues are eating spots.
Because... spoiler alert... people shop online.. Shhh...

If you go to her Facebook Page there is some great video...
...of a Hurricane dying... going down...down...down.

Pathetically all I want to know is who got the Hurricane Flags?

But seriously... I also wonder.
Was this a public service act so the wood doesn't go flying in the wind?
Or.........bad karma.

It was built AFTER Andrew.
There have been hurricanes and it wasn't exactly a Cat 5 but...
...perhaps it protected us from big, bad hurricanes...
And more needless shopping malls.

Time will tell.
The Hurricane is Gone.
Baby Boomers mourn the loss of Boomers.
Not many other people do..
Some of the comments are downright rude... mean.... ouch.

Wondering on what this coming Hurricane Season will bring?
Stay tuned... 

Besos BobbiStorm
Ps.... if you really need to ride a Hurricane... 
Cyclone is still going at Coney Island.

See what I mean?
People ride them over and over.... 
It's not like NASCAR or something.

18 Days Left to Go... 
... Before the Real Hurricane Season Begins.


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