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Monday, May 16, 2016

All My Hurricane Friends - Margarita Hurricane Season...Discussion on 2016 Hurricane Season & Waiting on Agatha in the Epac. Redneck Riviera ... Lots of Margaritaville Towns High on the List for Concern This Year

sat_wv_east_loop-12.gif (640×512)

So much moisture in GOM...
And storms moving off South America into Epac
And just in time for the start of the season there...
NHC comes alive..

Tropical Sale in the Epac ...
Opening of Hurricane Season Special

Remember the Epac opens 2 weeks before the Atlantic.
Merchandise is in stock and available for orders.

Free Delivery for people in the Eastern Pacific!

No Surprises there. 
Stay tuned ....

Names for the Epac are given below.
Sort of a 1950s feel... early 60s?
Conjures up images of the Boom Boom Room.

So while waiting for Agatha to form... 
Let's talk about the Atlantic Hurricane Season.

I'm going to call this season the Margaritaville Hurricane Season.
Perhaps they should make a new drink.
Because most of the cities with Margaritaville Resorts.... 
could get a storm stronger than your average Margarita this year!

I mean along the Hurricane Coast.
Las Vegas is a safe bet for no tropical trouble if you need to plan a trip.

Yesterday all the usual suspects showed up talking tropics.

Crown Weather has highlighted their concerns for the Gulf of Mexico... well as the East coast from Cape Cod all the way to South Florida.

Good graphics.

I agree on his concerns along the GOM.
As the water heats up and cold fronts stall out there...
Especially concerned on areas that have had heavy flooding this Spring.

Personally worried on the area from Brazos River... Sabine River.

Yes that includes water logged Houston.

Jim Williams posted an excellent blog.
He has a good record of highlighting cities and regions.
Jim talks more on where than the usual "how many game"
The usual "How many game" doesn't tell the story.
You can have 5 barely there Hurricanes in the East Atlantic..
...that fizzle out before they hit 65 degrees West.
Then you can have 2 big hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico.
Which is more important? 
Out there in the shipping lanes or headed into Mobile Alabama?

The real discussion IS about WHERE they go and WHO they affect.
Well for most people other than those of us that follow every wave.

I'm doing this in this order for a reason.
My biggest concerns are for Sabine River East.
Yes Tex Mex will get it's yearly tropical guests.
But really more worried on the Eastern Gulf of Mexico.

I've drawn a yellow line on Jim's map.
Yeah I know he'll wince when he sees that.
But he'll smile and agree... mostly.

That's the region I'm most concerned with for many reasons.
I'll explain those reasons over the next two weeks.

Let's think a bit on Gulf Shores, Alabama.

Destin is in it. 
Beaches on what is known as Red Neck Riviera.
Sorry but true.
They want to call it the Emerald Coast.
But the name sticks cause we love it.

Easy drive down from inland Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia..

Worried a bit on those "paradise" beaches.

That video is really for Mike at Spaghetti Models.
He goes out with his family ... daughters and their friends.
He enjoys life living near the water out on a boat.
I think he should make a Jimmy Buffett video with his family.
A video that comes up when you put in Jimmy Buffett and Tampa ;)

Yes all those places are in play for a hurricane this year.
First the water has to warm up ....
...and the fronts need to stall out.
And we could get named storms in the Gulf of Mexico.

Why do we live in places like this?
That is the big question for people in Wyoming....
Have you ever seen a sunset in Key West?
Or a sunrise on Key Biscayne?
Then you would understand.
Some people come...and they never go home...

And we go years and years with no hurricanes.
Miami went from 1965 to 1992 with no bad hurricanes.
Mind you while we had it easy and breezy...
The Gulf of Mexico hosted those 80s storms. 
Alicia .... Allen....

Somewhere .... someone gets a hurricane most years.
This year many places can be in line ....

Again it's about where.

Currently there is some concern on the East Coast.
Sort of odd warm pool of water off the East Coast.
Oddly it's pretty chilly over land so it's odder.

Why is the water so warm off the East Coast?
Outer Banks North to Cape Cod?
Even further South it's warm.
Anomalies that are hard to explain.,

A lot of discussion online on various topics such as this....

As for Atlantic Discussion today....

Too windy in the Atlantic still.
Waves moving Westbound along the ITCZ
Cold fronts dying out in the Gulf of Mexico... 

Hollywood Florida has a new resort.


South Florida is way overdue for a hurricane.

Some things just deny logic....
But you can't deny hurricane season forever.

El Nino is leaving.....
La Nina is coming....

Usually those switch on and off years are intense.



Will be discussing El Nino and La Nina and more anomalies soon.
The big question is do I ask why???
I'm gonna Google that group...
you know that don't you...

Back to Weather
Great graphics on Mike's site.
Gulf Winds and Pressures.

He's right We are due.

Prepare... learn.... share what you have learned.

Besos Bobbistorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

Ps... come on Mike want to Google: 
Tampa Jimmy Buffet and see you out enjoying Tampa Bay..
...while you can...

I've never been a big fan of years when the switch is flipped on El Nino..


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