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Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Ongoing Severe Weather Texas - Texarkana - Nola. Severe Wxr Anchored Along the GOM

The Mid Section of the country.. along the Gulf Coast remains the lead story.
Know there are some other stories as well but this event is ongoing.

But as I usually cover Hurricane Country... I'll stay with the main story.
Know there are flood risks, tornado risks in the South.
As I said earlier in the week this set up is anchored in place.
Rain is training in bands up from the Gulf of Mexico.
A violent sort of stationary front.
Usually when we think of stationary we think stagnant.
Up north it brings days of gray, low clouds.
Down south it brings violent Spring like weather.
Looking down in the Gulf of Mexico we can see why this is happening.

tgsfc24.gif (768×496)

Let's call this the Wind Grid Map for fun.

wg8dlm1.GIF (960×680)

The wind pattern around the triple barrel high is due North.
Due North up from the Gulf of Mexico where moisture rains...

Upper Air Wind Flow Patterns.
Let's look at wind at the surface.

(hover mouse over your place of interest)

Real time wind map gives a finger print of the moments weather.
Loops, curves, flowing, blowing in circles sometimes.

latest72hrs.gif (947×405)

Let's stop and look at that last frame.
Solid orange red coming straight from the heart of the tropics.

What seems a never ending flow of moisture into Texas..
And the states around Texas.
Sabine River Valley

hicbsat_None_anim.gif (768×496)

Weather stories galore below.
Some are better than others.
Strong weather brings tragic results often.
Just being honest...straight from the heart.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

Ps. The good news for the East coast is we are having great weather.
Whenever weather is bad somewhere is great somewhere else..
Keep having those sweet tropical dreams.



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