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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Remnants of Patricia & Texas Flooding and How Patricia was more like Brett than Mitch ..

Remember when I said that Patricia had a small eye?
A small eye wall?

Let's look at this picture up close.

The small blue circle is where those historic winds were.
The rest is a lot of rain and cloud cover.
Stormy weather but not the 200 mph winds.

Well.. luck prevailed. Or science or prayers.
Patricia crossed the finish line in a very sparsely populated area.
Barely a village in sight.
No deaths have been reported so far..

Below is from Friday's blog.

I should have said Think Brett.
Or... remember Brett.
You don't remember Brett in 1999?

A category 4 Hurricane made landfall near Corpus Christi..

A big, beautiful hurricane on satellite imagery caused much concern.
Note small tight core of hurricane force winds...

Mass evacuations. Preparations.
It was had a small inner core of strong winds.
It made landfall in a sparsely populated area.
The only deaths were .. mostly traffic accidents.
Attributed to the storm.. associated with the storm.
Some trees fell down, crops ruined, minor flooding.

From Wikipedia. Look it up.
After the long NHC discussion figured I'd keep it simple.

Even the trailer park survived.....

NOAA discussion below in entirety

So Patricia hit a less populated area.
So far no deaths have been attributed to it...
A massive loss of crops that will affect the local economy.

People pray, hope for the best.
When the best happens ... 
... people make fun and complain.

Human Nature.

Mother Nature is sometimes kind.

Had Patricia hit Puerto Vallarta directly...
....or Downtown Miami.
There would have been horror stories.
So like real estate it's all about location.

Landfall where there are few people...
..and people were evacuated and warned..


A major metropolitan area.

And, maybe.. just maybe prayers worked.
And, it had a very small core of hurricane winds.

Odd how Atlantic discussion waxed poetic this year...
...on how small Danny was.... and yet little was said about Patricia.
Big in intensity.
Big in presentation.
Small area of  major hurricane force winds.

small hurricane vs BIG MOUNTAINS

What goes up fast..
.... falls apart fast!

Miles away in Texas......

Let's look at one of those images closer..

The rain has been so heavy a train derailed carrying concrete.

UP to 20 inches of rain.

Rain Sooner.

Rain Later.

Could we get tropical formation?
NHC says no.
NOAA says ... possibly.
Not probably but possibly...

Looking at one of those satellite images again... 
Let's see what we see.

Those are the remnants of Patricia... 
...mixing with what has been creating rain already.
Making a bad situation worse.

So far they are holding up with a sense of humor.
That humor is going to wear thin.

sat_wv_east_loop-12.gif (640×512)

We can talk about models tomorrow.
For now watch the loops 
Say thanks and amen for prayers answered.
Hope the flooding in Texas from the remnants .....
.....don't eclipse the hype on landfall in Mexico.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

 Ps...A look back at Patricia in her day via NASA 


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