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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Watching the Tropics From the Tropics... Storms, Sunsets, Key West

Good morning from the tropics! The deep tropics, the real tropics . . .

My younger brother had a big birthday and all he wanted to do was wake up in Key West. So, we drove down the yellow brick road to our ancestral home and did what any good ole Conchs would do on their birthday.... We hung out watching the sun rise the sun set and looked at a lot of old documents in the Florida Room at the Key West Library :)  Okay, there was some drinking involved and a lot of praying for it to rain or something. It was about as hot as I have ever seen it in Key West in July. Normal for August but not July. Soo soooo hot and that's pretty much from a local. Barely a breeze and 92 in the shade and "feels like 102" most every afternoon.

So, I was on a brief hiatus from the tropical discussion while I just soaked in the tropics.

Let's take a quick look at the tropics.

The short of it is this... nothing is happening today.

That's the official NHC statement.

A picture being worth a thousand words.

Area close in at end of old dying front is being watched.
A wave out in the Atlantic is there but so is SAL

SAL shows it's face best at sunset. 
Little pieces break off and make it close in the the Florida Keys

This is moments after sunset. 
The red shows darker as it gets darker.
No, it doesn't always look like this...
...but when SAL shows up for the sunset party it does.

Officially there's nada happening.
NHC says NO.

Others say maybe.

 Some models see development off of an old stationary front that is hanging off shore near the Carolinas that could turn into something. That's vague, but it's possible. There are tropical waves in the Caribbean but they are West Bound and SAL is doing it's job in the Atlantic inhibiting development as is El Nino in the Pacific causing higher than normal shear across the Caribbean.

My brother...


So, we go down and watch the sunset. Catch some great local storms popping along the way and drive back again, up and down the Overseas Highway.

Pics below. Keep watching, something will pop up just like the random storm yesterday and while you got time, mow your lawn and go fishing!

Besos Bobbi

Ps Sorry for any typos, am sooo exhausted ;)


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