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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Tropical Storm Claudette Touring the Canadian Maritimes. Compare & Contrast Graphics from NHC . . . Time for an upgrade perhaps?

Tropical Storm Claudette is headed towards the Canadian Maritimes.
I wonder how many of you know much about them.
They are actually a popular tourist destination.
Claudette knows that.

vis_lalo-animated.gif (720×480)

Holding her own pretty well.
She will unravel and dump "weather" on those tourist's parade.

The Canadian Hurricane Centre is issuing forecasts as well as the NHC.

I love their maps and satellite images

I love the NHC but they could upgrade their graphics.
A bit too cartoonish vs detailed maps of NRL and CHC

Crown Weather also has good graphics with detailed wind information.

Lots of detail there.
Always great weather site.

Note the NHC has a page you can click on ...but few do for details.

The media mostly shows their infamous "cone" 

Just some thoughts to ponder on in these semi quiet times.

Well, quiet in the Atlantic unless you're in the Canadian Martimes.

Here's some thoughts online about Claudette.
A lot of discussion on the "nada happenin" to 100% Red Circle

Also, in 1997, a similar Claudette formed in an epic El Nino Year.

Different year, different travel track.
Similar set up. Storms forming close in.
Wondering on if we see another Danny 1997 set up.

Good call

What is on Claudette's travel agenda?

If you aren't a storm... you'll have to book tickets...

Nice place, especially in the summer.
As a girl from Miami... it seems other worldly.
I've been to Maine but this isn't Maine.

Sweet. Take a peek. Enjoy the French music...

Speaking of other worldly ...
We are all enjoying images of Pluto.. 
Note coverage on Spaghetti Models below.
Also note how weather has pulsed up on the East Coast today.

Wondering if the next storm will form close in... 
..or.. in the Caribbean if wind shear ever calms down.

For now... enjoy the relative quiet and stay tuned.

Claudette popped up fast, so may Danny.

Besos Bobbi


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