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Friday, July 03, 2015

Yanet Garcia & the Fascination of Weather Girls Does anyone care if they have a degree in meteorology...

Today's Holiday Post was inspired by my brother...
...he posted this on Facebook...

He loves weather.
He loves to track weather.
He loves to chase weather.
He loves to do weather photography.

He has a new crush it seems... 

Yanet Garcia from Mexico!

Apparently ... a lot of people are watching Yanet!

So let's talk about women and meteorology.

Is Yanet Garcia a woman meteorologist?

Does anyone really care?




And, she does a kick ass job presenting the weather!!

I know you couldn't understand her.
She was talking Spanish.
Perhaps you were distracted.

But...she does a bang up job!

Seriously I'm not being silly here.

Okay, perhaps a little tongue in cheek ;)

Perhaps if I thought I could do the weather on air like that..
I would have studied meteorology.

She makes meteorology interesting.
She makes it exciting.
(You do know she is talking about weather..right??)

I write about this because . . .

1. It's a holiday weekend and hurricanes took a holiday.
2. The rest of the media is not forecasting shark attacks.. finally.
3. There is a constant discussion on what makes a "meteorologist"

Well...she is an on air forecaster.
She is "forecasting" or presenting a forecast.

Does she like weather?
I mean does it rock her boat or it's just a ticket out of Mexico?

Who needs Miss Mexico at the Miss Universe Pageant?

She has to be the best advertisement Mexico has going right now.

Let's try another one...

Well she either KNOWS weather terms or she is a fast study.

Many women on TWC have been communications majors...
 not meteorologists....

Here's one...note she has a CERTIFICATE and a Seal

Remember Alexander Steele?
Let go...and taken back at TWC

And, now she's back with Dave Schwartz

If they do a good job of getting the weather forecast right?
Do you care if they have a degree?

If a channel has someone like Bryan Norcross .. take over when the big storm is coming...
Do you care if your weather girl or guy has a Masters in Meteorology?

It's a good question.

Since time began it seems there has always been a fascination ..
about Weather Girls.

Men never get called "The Weather GUY"

But even with a doctorate a woman is to most still the "The Weather Girl"

So men will rate the women ...

Does it bother me?

Yes and No.

I like to dress up... look good.

I was raised in Miami 

Many of the women look like Yanet..

Where women dress up, dress down and talk smart.

We don't have to wear boring suits ;)

If I had $5 for every man who asked me at the reference desk...

"You know, I always had a fantasy about being with a librarian..."

I'd be writing this column from my condo in St. Kitts.. 


Nothing is more sexy than beauty and brains.

You think it's easy to talk weather?
Try it... 

Even the guys around the Internet are all into..

My models are better than your models.. 

My new graphics are the best around...

They get kinda boring arguing semantics.

Weather is passionate.

Weather is exciting.

I'd like to see some real smart girls go into meteorology.

Blow those guys out of the water...
...or out of the NHC where they seem to hold court.

Time for the women to step up to the plate in sexy heels...
...with great delivery and forecasting the weather

In Latin America..........

A woman can be both beautiful and the PRESIDENT...

Not sure what exactly Miss Yanet Garcia wants to do...

...but I have a feeling with a smile like that and brains to use the body..

She can do anything she wants!

Enjoy the 4th of July Fireworks!

Besos Bobbi 

yanet-garcia-weather-woman-1.jpg (427×464)


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