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Friday, June 05, 2015

10 Years Since Last Hurricane... Where were you in 2005?

Can you name this storm?

Wilma_Sat.jpg (945×917)

It was 10 years ago ....

Let me help give you a hint...

Fantastic article from the New Times ... please read it. They put it into perspective well.

For instance, remember this exciting new, thin, flip fone?

Yes... the last time South Florida got hit by a hurricane.......
People could not wait to get their hands on that slim flip fone ;)


Yes, it was the very busy Hurricane Season of 2005 best known for Hurricane Katrina and the levee failure but for those living in Miami we remember a different Katrina and her sisters Rita and Wilma. And, to be honest we were prepared because 2004 was a South Florida year when two Hurricanes hit just up the coast brushing our area with strong weather complete with tree limbs falling onto cars and testing our hurricane prep abilities. Then came Katrina, Rita formed nearby and followed Katrina to the Gulf Coast and then Wilma walloped the area.

Will people remember how to prepare for a hurricane in South Florida? So many people have moved into the area, some have died, some were born and are turning 10 and think Miami is lucky and never gets hurricanes. Some can barely speak the language, work three jobs and are from parts of the world where hurricanes do not exist. For example.. Sventlana on South Beach from the Ukraine has never seen a hurricane. Have you? Do you know what to do?

Personally I had a Sidekick. 


Lets move forward to the present... 2015

wv-animated.gif (1120×480)

Currently in the tropics there is a whole lot of tropical moisture in the Caribbean. That moisture could become a problem next week for people in towns on the GOM or along the SE coast. I say it a lot, but it's true time will tell. Between moisture from tropical waves and moisture blowing off of Hurricane Blanca in the EPAC models have been hinting at possible development next week. I did say "possible" and we will discuss this next week if the models continue singing the song Bill ...

You can see in the loop above the moisture hangs in place, the high presses down, an upper level low is forming and change is in the tropical wind.

This weekend your job is to get out there and buy things you would need IF something formed closed in... and you will save yourself tons of time standing in long lines with freaked out people who have never been in a hurricane before and suddenly are taking it seriously. If not hurricanes comes to your door... donate the supplies to people who need.

Have a good weekend. I'll update the blog this weekend if any of the models go POP and develop something in our part of the world.

Sweet tropical dreams,

Bobbi Storm

Ps This post was inspired by my son who sent me the article and who told me earlier this month that Miami rarely gets hit and it will be a long time before the next storm. Oh wait..did he say 10 years or 20? Hmnnnn


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