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Friday, February 20, 2015

Tired of TWC Talking About Boston? Tired of Winter & SNOW? MOVE TO MIAMI...

I'm a Boston Red Sox fan. I actually love Boston. It's a great place to drive around, walk around and filled with so many historical places filled with pubs and bars and some of the finest colleges in the world. But...........I'm really tired of hearing about Boston. It's as if Jim Cantore needs to go to rehab and sit on a beach in the Florida Keys listening to Jimmy Buffett or any island music. I think someone at TWC has lost their mind. It's all about Boston all the time. Even in the studio he can't stop saying "BOSTON" as if there is some mind control going on.

We get it. It's historic snow...

There are only 2 possible reasons ...other than an advertising deal with the City of Boston. Watch their summer coverage ...

1. People around the country who live in LA and Miami and laughing their ass off at those stupid people who choose to live with all that snow...

2. People in New York and Chicago feel better knowing they are not in Boston.

There are no other reasons to talk nonstop every 20 minutes about BOSTON.

I'm tired of it.

Tennessee had an epic Ice Storm in places they are not used to ice every winter. Florida is having a HISTORIC cold spell. People dressed in Daytona look like they are in Alaska . . . though it should warm up. Miami is under a wind chill advisory and that doesn't happen often trust me. Arkansas, remember the place that gave us Bill Clinton... they watch TWC too, why are they not getting any coverage.

Is Jim Cantore being held hostage by the City of Boston?

Will he be covering snow melt this summer when Tropical Storm Ana forms in the Gulf.

I think we need to start up a campaign to "FREE CANTORE"

You know like Free Willy except maybe "FREE JIM" because I can't imagine there are many viewers out there waiting with baited breath to put on the TV and see how much more snow Boston got last night?

At some point gang.. it's just a lot of snow. Too much snow.. it's a white out blizzard of snow talk on Boston. I have friends who told me they won't put TWC until winter is over as they are tired of hearing about winter in New England.

Today they covered a buried picket fence.


Come on... get a grip.

There was a funny comic in the 1980s named Sam Kinison. I can't show his YouTube videos as ... there are too many curse words for me. But, he was funny... I can imagine what he would say about this... most likely "you know why there's so much snow this winter in Boston?? BECAUSE IT'S BOSTON and WINTER!!!"

I don't mean to open a Pandora's box here but enough is enough!

There is a big country out there and I'd like to see some coverage of weather any where else besides Boston. There are other people working at TWC correct? What happened to coverage in different cities? Was the snow buried picket fence THAT big a deal. I'm pretty sure it happens in BAD winters often in places like Boston. You know why they put up a picket fence? Cause it's cheap and easy to repair and paint over white. Has no one read Huckleberry Finn?

Why can't they have that cute new weather person with the gold striped dress down in Key West talking to people who rarely wear coats trying to bundle up. Why do they only show Key West when a hurricane is on it's way?

The only "winter events" they are covering these days are ones that have advertising value.
TOYOTA Mobile Weather unit with the boat race in Anderson, SC. Is this ESPN?

Daytona 500.... note they go in for a close up after the interview of her L. L. Bean jacket.

TWC should be called the "Advertising Channel" these days as they do everything but cover the weather across the country.

I once heard a funny routine that had too many F bombs to put here. Sam Kinison said that we were stupid to keep sending rice on planes to North Africa to feed people in the famine. He said, only half jokingly, if you want to help them put them on the #%@% plane and fly them OUT OF THE DESERT!!"  Good point. It's a desert, nothing grows there.

It's Boston... once in a while they get a really bad winter. There's snow. Have we become weather wimps? Years back we made whimsical romantic movies about people living in Boston in the winter.

If you don't want to live where the snow falls ...check out Craigs List... look for a job, move, take a chance and pack up your bags Jack and hit the road. Go South!! If you love the seasons's so fricking much stay where you are and live up north. Suck it u... move to Florida or California.

If you can't figure out which place to move to... watch this video it may or may not help ya...

I think she's living up in North Florida maybe... doesn't really sound like Miami but hey Florida is a big state ;) and seems you can take the girl out of California but you can't take the California out of the girl.  wink wink

Here's a more Miami view of life. Note she is wearing a warm hoodie with shorts ;)

Okay I'm being a bit silly. Know why? People from Miami are friendly, warm, funny and not in a bad mood because they are sick and tired of wearing stupid layers and they do not suffer from Cabin Fever. They do not go stir crazy...they go outside for a walk, talk with friends, a nice ride or they get a cup of Starbucks and stare up at the blue skies with palm trees and say "God Miami is beautiful!!"

If you would rather have your wonderful seasons... stay there and wait t out...  but don't hold your breath, the snow will melt eventually though..... the flowers will bloom and it will be summer again. That's the way the world works. Except of course for Florida where winter will be gone in no more than 2 days and it will be warm once again... in February.

Loved that house... used to live there... there was no hedge tho... 
Only people from up north would make a ficus hedge, but I digress..

If you don't like the cold.. move. You have have to give up some things but the money will soon be saved on not having to buy at least 3 wardrobes (winter, summer and that in between "Spring Coat" season) and heating bill, cars last longer. By the way... the bottom of your cars do not rot from the salt on the snow in Florida. You can grow fresh fruit, you can fish anytime... you can play golf or go for a free run.. Money spent on Doctor visits will go way down... my daughter gets bronchitis every few weeks in NY.

This "beach" is downtown a block from where most people work in office buildings.
At lunch they walk over, eat a yogurt.. take a walk, relax and breathe...

I have a friend who works at the Dade County Courthouse.
On lunch she changes into her walking shoes... 
Walks down to the beach above (see below) and reads a book while eating a yogurt.
She may not live near the water, but she works near the water.
There are so many more options in Miami than SNOW, coats, layers, etc 

Listen even if you are poor in Miami it's way better than living up north in the freezing cold. My father had to explain to me when I was little why they were on the bus to Florida in the movie Midnight Cowboy. I thought life was sunshine and the beaches everywhere. Of course, back then had I had TWC I'd know it snows in Boston all winter long...usually..sometimes more, sometimes less.

So if you are tired of asking this question.... look into moving to Miami. Even with the wind chills today it didn't get below 32 degrees and it's warming up to 67 degrees. Sounds kind of balmy to me right now.

Besos Bobbi

Ps... If you want this winter to be your LAST winter up north...feel free to check with a realtor and find out where you can get a place close to the beach or the bay or the blue water never far from anywhere in South Florida.  Trust me there is no where like Miami. And, I've lived in LA and I'd take Miami anytime. LA is fun to visit. Personally... the only seasons I really love are Dolphin Season, Mango Season, Poinciana Season, Take A Walk in a tee shirt, shorts and flip flops any day of the year season... with maybe a Miami Dolphin Jersey over your shorts for your morning jog. Note Fishing Season and Golfing Season are 365 days a year..


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