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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

I-85 Winter Storm. All About the South... From College Station to NC State

More Snow on the way for parts of the South

NatLoop_Small.gif (600×282)

Yes it's All About the South.... all the snow in all the right places.

Yeah it's pretty clear... we have more snow coming.

Every inch of us is covered from the bottom to the top

Southern kids like a little more snow to play in day or night..

They tell their Mamas not to worry about the snow....

Gonna plan snow angels like Barbie Dolls...

Okay this morning's blog is brought to you via Meghan Trainor and my silly mood.

Hard to take more snow seriously when my back yard looks like this.....

Note the morning's cover of the News & Observer says it all... Kids are loving it!!

A lot of us transplanted Floridians are loving it also.

The people from Pittsburgh are pissed to put it plainly and honestly. They moved to Raleigh to get away from the snow (failed geography in the land of the Steelers huh???) and as Raleigh and a good part of the South from Tennessee to Texas is currently closed for local business... it's just an extended snow holiday for those of us loving it. For those who have to go out to work (outside their homes) lots of luck. Department of Transportation is trying hard to clear those roads today ...and then...they will do it again on Friday when Raleigh tries to reopen... 

Message from DOT to BOBBISTORM on Twitter says it all 

Note this attack on the South started this in Texas............yes that's the culprit right there.

#REMUS if you are a TWC believer........

And, it's moving our way by any name bringing snow and winter weather..

This is becoming known as the I-85 Storm... note stay OFF I-85 if you can...

(speaking of snow princesses....)

Haters gonna hate hate hate... but I'm gonna shake it off and enjoy it! Winter weather is my consolation prize for moving here... a long with a lot more time to write about the weather and enjoy married life. So.... last night as we were snowed in we had a nice Anniversary dinner by the fireplace. Mine you I actually had a fireplace in LA and Miami Beach...go figure.  Either way... real wood not those easy to use 3 and a half hour logs.

But, before I move on and try to make a break for the store with the rest of Raleigh, Charlotte and other Southern ports of call along I-85 let me say this. It's not really just about the South. 

A friend posted this online yesterday. She's lived in NY/NJ but never remembered it looking like this before.

My daughter in Bayswater (think Far Rockway by the water) posts pictures every day "from Siberia" of her backyard... frozen solid.

And for some reason there was a pile up in Maine... 

That's Maine not Atlanta or Raleigh..........

And, woke up this morning to this incredible picture online on Twitter. Stunning.

Thank you Denis!

As for me I'm gonna go layer up... and go shopping...

Stay safe out there along the I-85 corridor which the weather from this system is tracking up from College Station to the Wolf Pack Nation.

This Miami Girl is loving the winter weather...or any weather as I'm kind of a weather nut..

Besos Bobbi


PS... I'll update later this afternoon when the exact track of the winter storm takes form...
The timing and the track is important in getting the snow totals right.
Wrong timing, wrong track and you get rain, sleet or an Ice Storm.
Bring on the snow...


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