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Friday, July 25, 2014

Nada Happenng in the Tropical Atlantic... Tropical Vacation on Siesta Beach

Nada happening in the Tropical Atlantic....

The Caribbean has the remnants of TD2 cruising through..
kicked up her heels a bit in the Antilles

In the Atlantic.........nada... 

Nice wave over Africa... dry tropical highway for it's cruise West... 
Another wave is low nad about to crash into the coast of South America.
Strong, strong high...

There are rumors that the MJO will be coming back to our basin for an August vacation.
That means August may see changes fast in the tropics.

For now.. watching weather where ever I find it.

Alligator Alley yesterday ... no gators but lots of clouds & storms..

Then a rainbow...

So I suggest you find a beach..
put on lots of sunscreen as it's really HOT in Florida right now..
and stick your toes in the water and enjoy the beauty of it all.

My brother and I stopped at Siesta Beach near Sarasota yesterday.. 
gulf side heaven
warm, crystal clear water

And the skies always putting on a show...
White powder sand..........
warm almost silky water
and clouds climbing higher and higher..

So... I'll be back soon when I have some tropical weather news..

Sweet Tropical Dreams.. 


Ps... In 1960
This beach was not so quiet... Hurricane Donna came ashore here. Earlier hurricanes helped transform the area for the better (taking the long view) so read up on Sarasota's hurricane history.


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