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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Jim Leonard Stormchaser Battling Cancer. Tee Shirts for the cause... 40% Wave in the Atlantic.

The State of the Tropics Sunday Night..
That orange colored asterisk in the Atlantic now has a 40% chance of developing

That translates all eyes in the Atlantic are on the Tropical Wave moving WEST....

Otherwise there is pretty much clear sailing in the tropics this weekend with the exception of a wave that looks promising in the long term as a possible candidate for the next Invest we might be watching...

A closer up look shows an area of strong convection followed by another wave departing Africa currently.

Yes it's that time of year when the models begin to show development far out in the Atlantic. 

The GFS is showing the wave making it across the Atlantic... 
Time will tell....

(everyone waits on the European Model before they are believers...)

So... we watch the wave and we wait... and we go on with life.

For some of us going on with life is not as easy as others...  

Jim Leonard, one of the most well known stormchasers, is battling terminal cancer. Jim is a very private man in many ways. If you are talking about hurricanes he will talk a blue streak. He isn't one to talk much on his personal life. These past few weeks many of his friends have been talking about Jim and the imprint he has made on all of us in the stormchasing world.

For many they heard on message boards or on Twitter that he was ill and that his friends have taken up the cause to help him by selling tee shirts with the monies going to Jim to help pay for his medical expenses.

On CaneTalk, a message board on Jim William's people found out from Jim Williams of Jim Leonard's battle with cancer. 

I kept the messages there and in other posts private but it was sad news for many of us who knew Jim Leonard was ill that his cancer was indeed terminal. 

Posts on Facebook began to circulate. 

I bought one earlier today. My brother bought one. I'm asking all of you to buy on or contribute to the cause.. please.

If you love weather... storms........hurricanes or twisters his work is legendary.    

Some of the gang got together with Jim Leonard recently...'s some pics....

They say a picture is worth a thousand words...

Here's Jim Williams modeling the shirt he got in the mail recently...

Please donate to the cause. 


Besos Bobbi


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