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Monday, July 28, 2014

Invest 93L Consolidating... TD3 or Tropical Storm Bertha Due Soon. East Coast/Carib Needs to Pay Attention.

Close up view of Invest 93L soon to be Tropical Storm Bertha.
The arrows or barbs... show the wind direction and yes this how we do it...
when they are far out beyond the realm of recon.

We also use a Dvorak rating. You'll see it mentioned below as 1.0

Notice the white dot in the middle of the darker dot... 
...her center is beginning to show up on satellite imagery.

Another view of Invest 93L tonight that shows the banding beginning to form within the storm.

I've highlighted the banding features in yellow.. 

She is a big girl gotta tell you that. 
If a storm could get an award for being 180 degrees different from the last...
she would win the award... 

And, she is beginning to come together fast this evening.

Where would she be going down the road. Um.... 
a) Towards the islands.
b) Towards South Florida
c) Towards the Carolinas
d) Going to catch a cold front & swim out to sea like a good Fish Storm

And that is why we obsess on Cape Verde Storms. They have a long way to go before all is said and done and their track can be iffy especially this time of year. 

Note models can and do change constantly in real time.

And more important that models on 93L is that there is a wave behind her...

A bit of a warning here tonight. IF Invest 93L becomes Bertha as the models predict she will catch every one's attention as she will be a large hurricane unable to ignore across a large swath of the East Coast and the Caribbean. If she got into the Gulf and NO MODEL SHOWS THAT NOW... add in that real estate there.

When there is a HUGE Hurricane on the map everyone gets nervous much the way that when the lotto goes really large everyone buys more tickets.

It's too soon to tell.

It is not too soon to realize that the early predictions for a quiet season with a strong El Nino can be tossed in the shredder or the nutribullet and we need to start over all over again with what we think the 2014 Atlantic Hurricane Season will bring... 

And, I'm not really happy that all the long range models were wrong. We need to rely on those models.

Stay tuned. We're in for a bumpy ride.

Sweet Tropical Dreams from Key West


Ps...C name is Cristobal


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