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Friday, October 25, 2013

23 Degrees and South... Florida Keys. Yellow Circle in Atlantic..still

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Beginning to feel like this is a semi-permanent feature out there in the Atlantic. Reminds me of a Jimmy Buffett song. Then again, everything reminds me of a Jimmy Buffett song. :)

Watching the tropics on Twitter and Messages and was away all day in the Florida Keys... On the road with my brother and just hanging out watching stormy, beautiful weather :)

Yeah, a lot of smiles. I'm home or officially was home when in Key Largo.. you know that spot where the Overseas Highway makes the turn around Surprise Bay and on you are about to go over the new bridge. Well, to be honest I'm home once I'm on the Palmetto or the Florida Extension Turnpike Road there... but when it flows south past the nurseries and the open land of Homestead and after a quick stop at my favorite Starbucks you pass the Last Chance Saloon (or what's left of it) and you are on the 18 Mile Stretch.. past the marina... driving south bound for the Keys. Home settles in on you. Every muscle in your body relaxes.. your neck no longer hurts and headaches fade away as you stare out at the open road and sky.

And, funny how the stupid "Belize" blue wall that everyone hated when it first went up and took forever to build has become some thing friendly and familiar; part of the trip as if it had always been there.

Even on a gray day the Keys are beautiful. The water turns colors in the Keys on stormy days that Crayola never dreamed off...   little rivers of Key Largo Aqua and Florida Keys Sea Green pop up peek-a-boo style and the mangroves have this dark, muddy color that make them look like a setting for a 1950s B Movie that might be called "Mangrove Zombies" which really does sound more like a drink they might serve at Wahoos but you never know..  There is a sweet mystery about a day in the Keys... it simply unfolds, but only if you let it.

We stopped a lot for pictures. Went in to see my friend Linda at Rock Reef Resort...played in the water, stared out at the Just sat there at one of my favorite writing spots and talked, stared and took pictures.

Looks beautiful always tucked away on the "Gulf Side" which is really Florida Bay or a small little piece of the Gulf of Mexico to  your West. Sunset there is BETTER THAN KEY WEST.. but you got to see it to believe it.

Click the link... go see for yourself.. believe it.

My "baby" brother:


:) Hey he was in the way when I went to I shot him shooting pics! Bamn.. Actually was a very quiet ride as most people pass on stormy weather in the Keys vs those who go specially to shoot it on the chance you might see a waterspout dancing on the Atlantic Side.

So...there I sat checking the tropics on my new phone.. nothing really going on in the tropics, but me being home and doing what I do best..   stare at palm trees :) and the sky and feel finally back at one with the world.

Just that's the truth while cold fronts and frosts frolic up north ... I'm home waiting to see if anything develops down in the Caribbean as westbound tropical waves make their way west bound... longitude by longitude and it's all a matter of degrees ... all a matter of feeling the breeze... all a matter of waiting and watching and trying to have a little patience on this anniversary time of when Wilma came to visit my house in 2005 :)

Oh...did I mention I'm home with Goya products and a cortadito in the morning with a guava pastelitos and taking long walks to walk off the oh so sweet calories. Nothing sounds like "home" more than hearing the rapid fire Spanish of my youth in Old Miami...where Southern accents and y'all mixed with besos and banos and any variation on Spanish and English you can imagine. Some people hate it..some people love it. To me it's the Mother Tongue of Miami...

I'll be back later with more on the tropics if the tropics would only give me some more to talk about ;)

Besos Bobbi
Ps...really it's all true.. kinda sort of.. really... everything is semi-true in ways.. its all a matter of your own reality. Wow..that sounds like it should be a Jimmy Buffett song too!


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