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Sunday, September 22, 2013

State of the Tropics Sunday, 9/22. Miami Dolphins Undefeated :) A day to play in South Florida...

September 22, 2013:

September of 2005.

A busy hurricane season, a crazy line up of hurricanes that wreaked havoc and continual destruction on many of the most beautiful ports of call in the tropics. Miami felt a kiss from Katrina ....totally unaware that Katrina would go on to go down in history as one of the worst disasters any city has suffered. Yes, it was more a failure of the dikes and not the storm surge that got the city. But, details are mindless drivel to survivors of one of the biggest disasters in our history.

But in Miami... we went to the beach and enjoyed the waves and here and there the power went out and some small trees fell down.

A month later when Wilma whammed us in the face we had a lot more trees go down... The picture below is of a house in Coral Springs, that scene played out all across South Florida

See the track across South Florida. Red dot is for HURRICANE ...

And, we sat in the driveway watching the clouds part and blue skies come out. Parrots flew overhead. We were in the EYE of a Hurricane. A hurricane that formed suddenly from a weaker storm that formed close by in the Bahamas.

Later.... a week or so later Katrina would forever become New Orlean's hurricane yet I have to tell you for my kids... it was our hurricane and we were in the EYE.

And it was September and we were watching FOOTBALL.. Miami Dolphins Football.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Go Drudge Go... & forgot to mention Ronnie Brown had a 100 yard game.

Go Drudge go with the long, list of BIG Major Storms that have hit over and over all over the Atlantic Hurricane Basin that had nothing to do with global warming.

And..forgot to mention.. Ronnie BROWN had a 100 yard plus game.

Now..can you imagine when Ricky Williams gets in there.. wow... unreal.,0,5677588.story?coll=sfla-sports-front

Dolphin Wins.. Watching Tropical Update..

Waiting for the Tropical Update to come on. Then am turning off the TV and going to put the radio on. Drudge... or Kiss Country... or maybe some New Age music.

Watched too much hurricane coverage for one day. I may not talk a lot about it but... watched too much. Flooding... water....water... water everywhere.

Tropical Sampler Plate...& I went to the Ocean :)

What would that be?? Lox & Bagels, Plantain Chips and Coconut Fried Shrimp with Conch Fritters.. Key Lime Pie.

Anyway..............waited for the weather to get milder here and quieter and no rain on radar in site and ran over to the beach with my youngest son. Figured it would be good quality time with him and I took the camera to get some pics.

Sunny Isle Pier :)

Usually go there.. its a few miles due east of me.. easy to get to and not as packed with crazy kids as Haulover down the beach nearby. No media either.. never can figure out why.. maybe hard to park their trucks.... new construction trailers in the parking lot.

Beautiful waves. Wild waves.. beautiful air. Not like Floyd which was something else.. but stronger then usual. And, the storm was already way past Key West so that in itself says something for the strength of Rita right now.

What a difference a 8 years makes...there we were watching Katrina...Rita and storms with Greek names and it was a messy year...

That was then...this is NOW....

This is 2013... the Miami Dolphins played their first home game in Miami to a packed crowd as they watched them defeat the Atlanta Falcons and we are 3-0 and UNDEFEATED. Hey, got to enjoy it now while I can you know... been a long time....

The little son is now the big son who is still my youngest, but he is attending MDC which lost a C in their somewhere and is now a COLLEGE on the edge of this beautiful city just a few blocks from Biscayne Bay. One block to be exact.... a block from Bayside and the Arena and the spot where the 1926 Great Miami Hurricane made landfall a long, long time ago... before there was a Miami Dolphins football team.

And, it's the Jewish holiday of Sukkos when we make our little booths and eat in them.. party in them and have friends over in them. At the Dolphin Game today during Prime Time Tail Gating time... my son was there with his friends setting up a Sukkot and enjoying a beautiful Hurricane free day in Miami waiting for the Dolphin Game to begin. Dolphin Game gets capitalized by the way... Miami Dolphin Game!

And, the ONLY weather in site was a pre-game rainstorm...your typical Miami afternoon rain storm. The kids played football, hung out... enjoyed and had fun.

No one is crying in Miami tonight that they did not get a 20 foot storm surge and that they still have electric.

There are years when Miami is under tropical siege in September... but this was a Sunday in September to Remember :)

(A bit capital crazy tonight... a bit Miami Dolphin Crazy tonight)

Look at those blue skies... and black skies and then the storm passed and the game began and Miami won!

The system in the Gulf of Mexico is still there..

I really HATE the "Zero % thing" 

In Texas they are waiting for winter even though Autumn started today officially...

In case you missed it this morning on the blog, here's the forecasted lows for tonight! While we're not quite ready to throw a log in the fireplace, it certainly beats some of the record minimum temperatures we were setting last week. Enjoy....temps will be creeping back up to at or slightly above seasonal norms by mid-week! Have a great evening everyone! ~Jenny
Photo: In case you missed it this morning on the blog, here's the forecasted lows for tonight!  While we're not quite ready to throw a log in the fireplace, it certainly beats some of the record minimum temperatures we were setting last week.  Enjoy....temps will be creeping back up to at or slightly above seasonal norms by mid-week!  Have a great evening everyone! ~Jenny   
Great site...they do a great job.

Snow is falling in some places far from the tropics.

Down in the tropics our area in the Gulf of Mexico is trying... 

Invest 95 is down there...trying also. Doesn't even have it's own floater tonight and it lost it's Invest number and it has a zero percent chance of forming... looks pretty good for zero percent...

What do you see when you look down at the world... 

A cold front and an ULL out in the Atlantic and no hurricanes.

And, very few people in Miami tonight are bemoaning that particular tropical problem.

And, I'm in Carolina where NO ONE is complaining there are no landfalling hurricanes tonight..

Carolina Panthers beat the Giants 38 to Zero... 

Football reigns tonight in our part of the world. 

On the other side of the world.. 

Jim Edds and some others are chasing a large, super cyclone... wrong ocean as beautiful as it is and to be honest tonight I am going to go to sleep smiling about the Miami Dolphins WINNING and being UNDEFEATED and hey I have until MNF to continue my Undefeated rant when I would LOVE them to BEAT the Steelers.. really... really...

So... when there are no hurricanes... get out there... enjoy life and NASCAR and Football and the beach and the ones you love. 

Besos Bobbi :)

Will see if anything can develop as the snow begins to fall out West... will worry on the hurricane season later... now it's time to enjoy the Miami Dolphins Undefeated Season ;)


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