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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

No Name Rain Storm Over FL to Become No Name Coastal Low?

The above shows the conditions in Florida as the Low begins to wind out and slowly...very s l o w l y crosses the state. Note energy from the old Invest transferred to the Florida Low. Mind you, the swirl in the GOM that was Invest 95 is oddly still there. Boy, is that thing stubborn.

Jim Cantore posted this online a little while ago below. It shows the comparison of the two favorite models that everyone wants to compare. Got to love the things you can do with a computer and a creative mind. Of course the models are computer driven. Boy, did computers change the world or what?

This might be a good place to remind everyone that the Miami Dolphins are UNDEFEATED :)

Everything is about location and the location of these two models vary greatly and yet they show a low forming. Most likely it will not get a name, but nothing is carved in stone and it has not formed. It's still feasting over Florida.

There is potential for development...

Also note there is potential according to this map above for development in the Atlantic and that WOULD be TROPICAL. A long shot maybe, but a tropical long shot.

There is some convection there in the Atlantic so it's worth watching the Coastal Low Drama play out :)

Mike from fame has put up radar images of the storms over Florida and specifically Tampa where they have been under the gun and in the cross hairs for days it seems.

Mike is so good and he gets better and better. Love watching how people evolve over time, making careful changes and improvements to their site and their way of doing things. Many sites online get very stuck in their way and don't like to make changes. They fall behind the game by doing that and then need to try and play catch up. Every site is different. Just saying, really love all the way Mike provides info and he should be supported by donations and passing around his site and let him know on Facebook.

You know it's been a VERY quiet season. Sites like this and others really survive on donations and advertising and with the traffic to those sites being so small compared to a normal site... they can use your donation more.

Sort of like the line about atheists in a foxhole... when there is a storm everyone runs, when there isn't a storm only the die hard trackers live online staring at empty loops.

And, today in Hurricane History we are talking about Hurricane Jeanne.

A look back at the year 2004 and what was going on in my life with Jeanne. Long time ago.. not going to reread it because well... I might not post it if I do :)

NHC report:


Oh LOOK... It's a Real Hurricane ... she was pretty...

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Waiting For Bastardi (to update)

Waiting for Bastardi on Accuweather to update. Want to see what the pre-release publicity is on his updated Thursday forecast. Heard he brings Jeanne is as a Major... My question for Mr. Jim is...WHERE

Not happy with water vapor
or what I call the big fat whale's ass.. water vapor :)

and.......see that high pressure has eaten North Carolina, moving down into South Carolina

Jeanne moving very slowly... see the eastern side of the high grabbing Karl's ass but don't see it paying much attention to Jeanne other then to sort of slide her a drop west... but eastern edge of the high which is eating the Carolina's for lunch is going to press down a bit on Jeanne's NW side which makes me wonder why everyone thinks she will move NW up into the coast and maybe scrape around as opposed to going more west or wnw and then west again and then what??

Worrying on why the Nogaps is stubborn.

So...waiting to see what Mr. Bastardi has to say and will temper that with others and what I think before I say where Jeanne goes.. watching.

As for Ivan.. what a guy... flirting with Hurricane status once again.

Later... going to lunch. Argentinian place I think.

Chow for Now, Bobbi

( i said it in highschool and ill say it again... looks better my way)

ps...will feel better when the NHC has high confidence in their forecast.

IN news of the weird and crazy... a new island formed off the coast of Pakistan that is being called a Mud Island... or a Mud Volcano Island. Rare, but they do happen. Very rare.

Read the article above about the Earthquake, the island has become the bigger story.

 "Meanwhile a Pakistani Navy team reached a rocky island that emerged from the sea 600 metres off the coastline of the port town of Gwadar on the Arabian Sea.

Navy geologist Mohammed Danish said that the stretch of land was 18 metres (60ft) high, 30 metres long and 76 metres wide.

"There are stones and mud," Danish told country's Geo Television. He warned people against visiting the island because toxic fumes and gases were still being emitted from the rock formation.

The head of the Geological Survey of Pakistan, Zahid Rafi, explained that such masses are usually created by outbrakes of gases locked beneath the sea floor.

"When such a strong earthquake builds pressure, there is the likelihood of such islands emerging," he said. "That big shock beneath the earth causes a lot of disturbance."

The island emerged in a stretch of sea where waters are quite shallow."

So.............stay tuned and I'll back to discuss more on the Coastal Low.

Getting ready for the Jewish Holiday of Simchas Torah. Luckily... my best friend Sharon is here.. well oldest best friend and she's a Mainer so she should just LOVE North Carolina. All the Maine types love North Carolina...

Besos Bobbi


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