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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Invest 95... A Case Study in Confusion

The area in the Caribbean hasn't formed yet and the models are still split on which way it will go.

A lot depends on where the center forms and how fast it moves and where it moves... and ...and... a lot of variables in the equation.

Truth is it is messy....

The weather is to the East of the center so it looks like it's forming more to the East and moving towards Florida. In fact it is moving West but so much weather is the East of it that it is possible a "piece of it" as they say on TWC will go East. In fact... the WEATHER will continue to surge towards South Florida and the Eastern Gulf....the center that will organize into LOW PRESSURE will most likely move West.

It's messy. It feels like October and not September.

As for me it's the Jewish holiday of Sukkos and I'll be offline for that for the next few days...

Stay happy... keep watching and sweet tropical dreams



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