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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Quiet Respite Over Most of the Country

Not a lot of weather to talk about today. Not of the precipitous kind anyway... storm moving into the NW and talk of high snow totals on Mt. Shasta.

Enjoy as once that storm in the Pacific starts moving it's going to be messy again.

A quiet period for now...

Tropics predictably quiet.

As there is nothing big going on currently, everyone is still Monday Morning Quarterbacking Sandy.

I'll post this link that is going around in online meteorological circles and leave you to decide if you agree, disagree or have your own thoughts.

Sweet Tropical Dreams, 


Ps... Did you know that the State Attorney in Miami called for an investigation on the Sonny Liston/Cassius Clay fight to make sure there was no funny business when Liston's shoulder was out of place. Senate investigations have been going on forever .... this controversy will go on and on and on like the Titanic song.

and by the way.... Liston looked way older than 30 in that fight and Clay looked younger than 22..
just saying.................


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