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Monday, December 27, 2010

Snow Showers Illusions & Miami Dreamin

They say you should live in the moment and I am trying to do that this year. Take one day at a time and enjoy the journey not just rush off to the destination but I am dreaming of Miami and more so... the Keys.

Not that I don't like the snow and the timing of this snow storm during the holidays... I'd have been sad it I had missed it. Then again, I could wake up every morning of my life in Key West and never wish I was anywhere else but home sweet home or the home of my conch ancestors.

The sun is out there, bright blue skies and the snow is falling. How can that be? Winds gusts estimated to be in the 20s (to match the morning temps mind you but not the wind chill) and every time a gust of wind comes, the snow flies out of the tree tops and down onto the already covered ground in clumps and flakes and occasionally there is a profusion of white spray like mist and then it stops until the next gust of wind comes by. An interesting illusion that makes what seems like sunny snow showers.

What's real and what is an illusion?

They have something up here called "Black Ice" which sounds a little odd but dangerous and dark not bright and beautiful. Sounds like a good name for a perfume.

My kids in New York are buried under over a foot of snow... close to two in some parts. My daughter told me that people were stuck on subways for nine hours last night leaving me to they run them until they get stuck? My grandchildren (oh my gosh I have grandchildren lol) are home for a snow day. One daughter's toes are cold and one daughter's window AC is pushing through the window with snow that is now in her basement. My son is Iowa is making Pineapple Chicken, he's used to snow. Kids in Miami are "friggin freezin" from the frigid temps and the cold wind chill. My brother is very lucky that he is walking the dog by the canal and not out in the snow and icy street.

It snowed in Wilmington from what I heard, Wilmington NC and supposedly Johnny Mercer Pier got snow for the first time that they can remember. Nice pier, nice beach. It's not Miami Beach but well... it's a beach.

Years ago I used to watch the sunrise every morning with a crazy weather friend online as we watched the sun rise over Tempe Arizona from a weather cam there. I feel like I almost lived there and yet we never spent the night... but watched a lot of beautiful sunrises. What is real? What is an illusion?

A friend of mine who loves Asbury Park said during the eclipse to me the other night that the last big eclipse he watched from the beach...brought a massive storm the next day... so watch out for the weather. He was right...though he's in LA now there was a big blizzard after a winter eclipse. Note all of New Jersey is under a Winter Warning and State of Emergency. Of course... the instructions for what to do are borrowed from Hurricane Preparation Guides.

So we have a Snow Cane again in the North East... snow in the Carolinas and snow flurries in Jacksonville, Florida.

The sun is's bright and sunny and white and if I didn't know better I'd think it wasn't that cold out there... but I'm not crazy... will watch the snow falling off the trees and when my toes are cold... I'll smile down at my ticket home and remember that I was lucky to enjoy the beauty of this holiday weekend snow storm and enjoy the beauty of the moment from my window on the world.

And, I'll be sitting here enjoying today and dreaming of home...

Besos Bobbi


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