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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Map of Uncertainty

Now that's a big, wide map of uncertainty. Seriously. It encompasses most of the state of NC, all of Maryland... NJ... well you look and see if your home town or friend's home town is in it for yourself.

I have rarely seen a grid so WIDE and I respect the Navy site more than the NHC site in ways.. and often the NHC's site is updated later to correlate with this one so cannot wait to see what they will do at 11.

The problem is that the storm will be moving SOOO fast that there is not the normal lag time to wait and put out a watch or warning for most of the Mid-Atlantic and NE.

Perfect looking storm...should be a Cat 5 or borderline... as strong as Andrew was on approach and no one is certain where it is going to go... we are all wishcasters today trying to wish this storm away....

Much to think on... much to do...

Besos Bobbi


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