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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Earl Tuesday Morning, Fiona and "Gaston" out there somewhere

This is one of those mornings that you wake up and look at the satellite image and think holy crap....what the hell is that??

Then you look at the cone and see you have nothing to worry about, because it's going to go somewhere else.... you hope. gotta believe but you gotta keep watching, it's that simple. You have to walk a tightrope through the mindfield of Tropical Weather Forecasting.

Earl's beginning to get that hedgehog look that some Major Canes get.

Now to look at the bigger picture....

That's some picture isn't it?

Animate gets funkier:

Use this classic tune and remember that they are all rolling along on the trade winds, west bound and one of them will make it further west than the last... we have been so friggin lucky this year so far. At some point, our luck will run out. Because the train is going to keep on rolling, rolling on the tradewinds... the river of air...

If you live anywhere from NC to NY... pay attention and listen to every bit of hype, hype won't hurt you... the hurricane might... worst thing you can do is buy a bunch of snack food and gain five pounds over the next few weeks if Earl bears left out to sea.

Keep watching... going to zumba or stretch or whichever thing is this morning.

Besos Bobbi


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