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Monday, August 16, 2010

Come Monday - - - As Promised Cape Verde Wave and TD5 The Remake

Top promised the big, round, beautiful Cape Verde Wave has exited the African Coast and is about to do battle with the Big Bad Sal. Now you tell me who is going to win and if that wave is Rocky we have a season and if he goes flat and fizzles we have more of the same. Yes... a lot like Groundhog Day... will he see his shadow in the Saharan Dust or not???

Seen below in the Bottom Corner is Big Bad Sal, wearing a red pair of swimming trunks for this particular Wrestling Match.

Loop this loop and watch the drama that is better than anything on Reality TV today:

Meanwhile in the distant Gulf of Mexico Tropical Depression Five tries to go home again. Guess it never read that book.... comes down out of the north into the Gulf like a bathing beauty who wants to test the waters, dips her toes in a bit and swishes them about and tries to decide whether to go all the way in or scoot back up and take a walk on the beach.

In my opinion until it spins we should just be treating this like any other old weather that the National Weather Service could be issuing warnings on and not something that the National Hurricane Center should be giving odds to as the only egg in the basket. An old egg. An egg whose supposed center is far from the strongest convection and I'm not sure this would even come under the category of some misplaced, lost baroclinic system but suppose in a weak system that has been highly touted as the Mother of All Seasons since 2005 we will keep tracking the remnants of TD Five but hate to waste the lovely name Danielle on this remake of TD5 which wasn't such a popular movie to begin with ...I mean why not Betsy Returns vs TD5 Returns??

I like this wave personally or merging of waves:

AND 61W.

From the NHC Tropical Discussion that I once read like a chef studies cook books.
There isn't much going on but it has carried convection all the way steady across the ocean and would see it is a pattern in the Atlantic that if any wave were to develop you could count to five and see it appear here... this is where a storm would be if it was a storm which is an interesting place for a storm to be. Additionally, the models that are conjuring up Canes for next week have them about here by the end of the week which means they would in theory win the battle with Sal or play possum until they get to 55 before they show their true stripes.

So, here you look.... nice big wide open view... see TD5 try and form in the Gulf, it might. NHC has it at 50-50 right now. A distant wave in the Far Eastern Atlantic battling SAL that you cannot see and a strong wave in the SW Carib heading westbound towards the Pacific. Hey maybe the EPAC can get a storm spinning again??? And, a wave at the entrance to the Carib, sitting there just west of the islands which is where we would have a named storm if we were naming storms this season. And, maybe in a week or less we might have a stronger chance of a named storm just about there..remember I said that IF it happens ;)

Lastly... on this meteorological round up on the State of the Season in Mid-August...
Note that rather than warm, hot, moist water going from the ITCZ poleward we have what seems to be warm, moist, tropical water moving south from the coat of the Carolinas and the coastline of the Gulf Coast moving south into water which is weird and not normal. The little bit of warm, moist air there is riding the Gulf Stream off towards Great Britain and the only thing spinning is a beautiful, blue fake cane up in the North Atlantic which is NEW and as I said... if you see something NEW develop on this loop I'd watch it as possibly that Blue Cold Cane will help break some stale mate. Lastly, note that the East side of the Tropical Atlantic is blue and almost devoid of hot reds... there is some big imbalance of power going on out there, some drama about to be created and we are a few weeks still from Remember September but we should see what this season is made of later this week... by weeks end we will know if we have a problem Houston or if we are just sticking to climo and this will be a normal year after all.

As for the evil sister .... let's call her La Nina for our purposes here. I think she is misunderstood. She sits around waiting for her few years in the limelight before big brother comes back and she runs off to where ever she runs off to and though he worries on her he knows that eventually she will reappear and do her thing. That is the Way of the World... a song I stay away from like purple poison on a bad night so let me just say.... there is a purpose and a reason for everything ...what it is I don't know. Don't understand love as much as I do hate it seems. As for me am wearing Limelight these days from Victoria Secret and bought a Muse just for old times sake to put on my face and giggle, shake my head and wonder what was I thinking when I was wearing that crazy shade of pink?? What I do know is weather and in about a week's time or less something is going to spin and we are going to be back in business.

You loop the loop and you tell me what you see? I see subtle changes..

Again.... Come Monday a Cape Verde Wave came off the coast of Africa, a day early and more organized than I would have thought however it has to fight Big Bad Sal. But, will the NHC give away the name Danielle to the Gulf System .... Are we dealing with Earl or Danielle??? Oh the drama......... oh the family politics ...

Besos Bobbi
Ps..... and we haven't mentioned cousins but did want to say that last trip to the Keys was memorable and fun and if I could close my eyes right now I'd close my eyes and slip slide away back there.


At 8:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Bobbi, Im Daniel. I love your blog. You are very creative in the way you describe the meteorilogical patterns.. For some reason you make me think of Janis Joplin.
You understand hurricanes.
Their beauty, their power, their dominance over man, their absolute symmetry when mature and cruising- like Mitch or Gilbert (dont know if your remember him- he was like a spinning hibiscus flower with a very dark center- lowest pressure I think as well.)
Andrew was the badass buzz saw. I was- miraculously in Perrine during that storm and being quite different from most- I was like a little boy before christmas. It was more than I could have ever hoped for- to have experienced that. Bizarre sht. No more visuals. Lost walking the block. Where is US1? How come there are a bunch or wrecked cars at South Motors? W
Keep posting. Yes that SAL is pissing me off too.
Such are the vagaries of the atmosphere. Everything can be in place for one bad ass season, and "woops" that bitch SAL decided to stick her ass to the side and suck all the boys dry.


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