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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

TD 5 looking sort of pitiful in the Gulf, TD forming in the Atlantic? Nice African Waves

As witnessed by looking at this hear loop...

Tropical Depression Number 5 is looking pretty pitiful as depressions go... still has a broad circulation and not much to write home about and yet I am writin from the Blue Ridge Mountains just because ...well I AM Bobbistorm and that's what I do...

Keep watching it carefully ifn you live on the Gulf as small variations in the path of a system like this can make a big difference as strong weather is far, far, far away from the center and unless it looks more better soon it's gonna be a crapshoot who gits the best weather (how am I doing Judd?)..

Next is a really nice wave out in the Atlantic that can become TD 6 but only time will tell.

What will tell some story is the wave train coming off of Africa.. two beautiful waves moving westbound and about to become possible tropical disturbances...

Again...only time will tell.

Will tell you one thing... I do think at some point this season is going to rip.. probably in September... Remember September or late August but when it does watch out because it's going to go strong until Thanksgiving... a Tropical Thanksgiving is the Evil Sister La Nina has anything to say about it..

Love ya all... Besos Bobbi
From the Blue Ridge Mountains out here with my best friend and our assorted men ;)


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