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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tropical Formation Happening In the Carib... greatest show on earth...

Watching a tropical system come together, for weather fanatics, is the greatest show in Earth. Even more exciting and mesmerizing than watching a Category 3 Hurricane spinning.

It's a tropical stew, slowly bubbling, congealing... sort of like a good gumbo. I know I have said this at least once before, but it is true. So many ingredients must be just perfect for the formation of a tropical system. And, that formation seems to be happening before our eyes in the Carib south of Haiti as I write this blog.

As I write this blog weather friends are staring at satellite loops in the corner of their computer or tapping back and forth on their IPhone to see the latest image streaming in from a weather satellite taking picture perfect images high up in the atmosphere and beaming them to our computers and cell phones as we go upon our daily life.

What a world we live in... sort of like watching a Meteorological Burn Notice, a Reality Show to beat all Reality Shows.

And..........this one has a scary edge to it in that it is causing flooding rains in Haiti and some models show it making a bee line to the Oil Spill in the Gulf. A worst, worst case scenario might be developing. Or, it could chug a lug wnw into Texas somewhere and the far western Gulf of Mexico just missing the Loop Current and the Oily Miasma that has taken over our National Attention.

This summer most of America will become weather fanatics as they watch with morbid fascination as tropical systems will be aimed at the Gulf of Mexico like bowling balls, one after another.

This may be the summer of our tropical obsession... as all of our worst case scenarios will play out live on the Internet and our televisions.

What if an Oil Rig exploded in the Gulf just before the worst hurricane season in years?

What if indeed... When you are talking about weather all the "what ifs" so often come together.

Record heat, tragic twisters and historic flash floods have crippled the heartland this year so far, and the next step in the this process is Apocalyptic scenario is rapidly exploding hurricanes aimed at beaches already dealing with the largest oil spill in history in our part of the world. It's as if P. T. Barnum wrote this screenplay.

Technically speaking here... the Invest now known as 93 is moving into an area of more favorable conditions and the models are playing with it like a five year old discovering Lego.

Another apocalyptic model:

Of course some are playing fantasy cane with it and exploding it into a major hurricane shooting the oil wells in the Gulf and slamming it into Ms/Al and the Florida Panhandle. Unless this scenario shows up a few more times I think we can hold off on the mass hysteria but do not take your eyes off of it. Models have been known to daydream storms into development that never pull their act together.

NHC's official salient paragraph just put out this morning:

Note the use of the words "could" and "appear" to cover their bases if it does not form.

A good link to load and watch is this one:

When green appears in that red area... we will have a Go for Lift Off on Tropical Development and what most likely will be an Alex to remember...

Good site to watch is and their sat page below as this system is currently affecting their part of the world.

Jim Williams did an excellent tropical update at late last night and as always he will stay on top of any changes in this area of disturbed weather.

So.... keep watching and I'll be watching right along with you at Hurricane Harbor.

Be well and stay safe,

Besos Bobbi


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