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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Still Playing Possum---Watching Mid-Atlantic Wave

Well, I have taken a break from watching the Carib and I am watching a wave out in the Atlantic that has stolen my attention and possibly my heart this morning.

You can see it out there starting a roll on this long loop. A lot of dry air but it's hanging in there..

Meanwhile our current Carib wave has an orange circle around it and is holding at a 40% chance of forming. Hey NHC said that not me ;)

News story on the Keys and Oil:

"so far so good"

My minds in the Keys these days.... got to get back to the Keys... all I can think on at times...

They make an excellent Hurricane Section with loads of info and local color:

As for me.... I'm going to do some writing, watch some loops and listen to one of my favorite songs....

Funky world we live in these days.... til Alex forms... all bets are off..

Besos Bobbi


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