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Monday, June 28, 2010

Alex Intensifying Into a Hurricane... Moving North Slowly

Moving very slowly and that movement takes it further into the Gulf where it can intensify into a much stronger storm. Look at that green core at it's center, building a hurricane, a cdo, a core... a place where an eye will pop out tomorrow.

Stalled hurricanes are a pain for forecasters, because as the steering currents collapse or wind up you are never 100% sure which road it will take. It's reality TV live and happening in front of your eyes. Very fluid, every movement in one direction changes the track, every movement of another weather feature (stalled high or waning trough) creates a new change in an very dynamic puzzle with moving pieces in a never ending atmospheric ballet.

For now he is moving to the north, his models are shifting a bit to the right(EAST) and yet we still expect him to make a turn to the left and move towards the South Texas coastline.

Time will tell. For now I am going to listen to the thunder and watch some loops showing off his brand, newly found core and I'll be back tomorrow with more details in this ongoing storm saga.

I said the other day Brownsville... still think that's a pretty good bet for now, unless Alex takes off faster to the north in which case I'll have to think about that tomorrow.

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