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Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I guess I have been MIA.

Missing in action somewhere in Miami.

Or maybe running around under the code name Mia and sipping Lattes at a table somewhere in Lincoln Road pretending to be French and only visiting this place in paradise.

Perhaps I am caught between teenagers fighting with their parents and using my house as a "house of refuge" which it has been for years it seems. Lost in facebook which is much easier to use for email than gmail if you ask me.

But, what if it all stops. If the internet just goes ZOWEY and we can't connect again. What will you do? Do you know? Or will you just send a plane over my house with messages? Are there trained homing pigeons to find me.

Gosh I wish I was in Laguna today. I would know what I would do if I were in Laguna. Just stare out at the big blue Pacific which might or might not have a marine layer today. Or go to Santa Monica Pier.. oh wow. Favorite runaway place from those frentic days in LA.

My mind is too messy to get lost in today. It's a jumble of songs and memories of things what have gone wrong. And, oh shit I am rhyming today, damn.

Going to work, going to try and function and hope I do not have to take a child to the doctor today because she looked pretty green around the gills last night.

Life isn't easy when you are trying to work and plan a wedding and deal with teenagers who aren't even your own making and a 3/4 finished novel and wishing you were somewhere else today but you can't be there.

A line from a great song.. Santa Monica freeway, sometimes makes a country girl blueeee... Gosh I loved that song.

For full moons over Tulsa and when you can't be where you want to be..


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