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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Two Faces of Oklahoma - Winter on the Plains

This article should be titled Oklahoma Alias Oklahoma!

That part of the country we know and love has two faces my friend. In the Spring it is a storm chasers dream. Wide open country where you can see the horizon on all sides for miles. Watching and waiting for a funnel cloud to form or dangle down out of a massive wall cloud. The dark, deep purple sky hanging low just above a river of grass that looks lime green in the awkward sunshine. It's an image we expect to see when we think of Oklahoma and it's neighboring great plain states.

But, Toto..this isn't Kansas.. neither is it Oklahoma or Arkansas this morning.

It is a countryside gone winter, white crazy. Covered in snow and ice and there is more coming down. Look at all the blues and pinks on the radar imagery in the link below. Ice, sleet and snow .. oh my!

Hard to imagine from where I sit in my bed in Miami staring out at blue skies, green palm fronds and listening to some lost parrot sing a morning squawk. Wearing sandals and short sleeves this morning and drinking Iced Coffee for a change.

But the ice on the trees in Oklahoma tells a different story.

This is an ice storm.. up close and personal:

Somewhere ... deep inside that little frozen, icy twig beats a heart that is still alive and will blossom forth in the Spring and turn green and sing..

You're doing fine Oklahoma.. Oklahoma... Okay!


What did you expect? Hello Dolly?

Stay warm and safe out there on the plains today.. or in New York or in Ottawa or Padukah or in any old place you may be reading this even on a schooner anchored snugly in some hurricane hole in the Caribbean.

Besos Bobbi

(Yeah, I liked it ;) smiling)


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