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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Freeze Forecasted In Florida

That's not a Valentine guys... It's a Freeze Warning for the State of Florida!

A lot depends on where you live or are visiting but tonight in Florida is going to be one cold night.

It's predicted to be the "coldest night of the year" which is cool or cold but that was what they called the last "coldest night of the year" recently. We've had a few but no snow. Doesn't snow often granted but it sure would be nice. Just a litte, a few flakes? It's too dry though as our really strong cold fronts are Artic blasts that race down in the winter. In fact, we now have a fire alert as the humidity will be below 35% and any small spark could take off and become a big forest fire... or so the lady says on the local weather.

As for me.. I can't figure out what to wear. I am not really in the mood. I want to stay in bed and find my head and figure out what needs to be done next today.

Today is also.. Tornado and Severe Weather

Seems there will be a 20 minute drill today so if you live in Florida and see something about a tornado warning.. it's a test, like those air raid sirens ;)

Florida Hazardous Weather Awareness Week.. whew..who thought that name up?

Stay warm :)
Besos Bobbi


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