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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Weather Weaves Its Way Back Into My World

It's COLD at work where they insist on running the AC even when it's Cold and gray outside.. which makes it Artic like frigid cold even though I am working on South Beach.

Anyways...there is tropical weather but it's far away and weak. Good blog on by Jim who speaks on a Cyclone that looks like a wave to me but hey.. it's something.

Yep... over my India.. or Malaysia or some place with an "ia" at the end of it's name.
Good blog. Accuweather is a good place to get lost if you ever want to hide from the news and email.

Here in America a cold front is moving through the country where the heat is on and not the AC..

A good friend mentioned to me the other day if I noticed that the media and the advertising world uses weather terms all the time now days. Yes, I have.

I noticed it today... when reading an excellent article on India and Mombai.

Link to story below...

"Gavriel Holzberg's bullet-riddled hat and prayer-shawl bag were placed beside the mourning fathers.

The Holtzberg's two-year-old son, Moshe, stayed with his caretaker Sandra at the home of relatives in the central region.

"He'll be coming to our house in Afula in a few days," Shimon Rosenberg said. "Meanwhile we want him to rest a little, away from the eye of the storm."

Yes... the eye of the storm, it's been a year of storms over India in 2008 hasn't it?

Spiritually stormy it seems both meteorologically and politically so.

Been watching Bay of Bengal storms all year this Hurricane Season..

Take care... be well, talk soon.. got to figure out what to wear and go to work.

Kids are sick at home so if I am not around much it's because I had to take them to the doctor not because I am ignoring the news or weather. Wearing leggings today under my jean skirt so I can take them off when the sun comes out.. no boots for me today.

Besos Bobbi

Good article of the best I have read:


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