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Friday, December 05, 2008

Economics and The Weather Business

Thought this was worth mentioning as the economy seems to be affecting the weather business. Mind you I am not sure that companies just use the bad economy to make changes they had been wanting to make for a while. We saw that after 911 when companies restructured and used it as an excuse to cut dead weight they had not been able to cut previously. I am not saying 911 didn't affect the economy, nor am I saying we are not in a recession.. I am saying many companies use it as an excuse to make unpopular changes.

One of the unpopular changes I am sure will be this particular cut. Hard to believe that an Emmy 2 years ago means so little. Then again it is hard to believe that TWC cut Dave Schwartz who is one of the only reasons many of my friends watch TWC. People of all color, age and religion always talk on and on to me about Dave Schwartz when they know I watch TWC. Young boys who want to grow up and be a weatherman like him, older women who wish he was their son even though their son became a doctor and lawyer like Mother wanted but they adore Dave Schwartz. Real professional mets in the business who enjoy and get a kick out of Dave Schwartz.

Truth is some big wig comes in and wants to make changes and they issue lots of nice press releases why...

Here is a link to the gang at Hurricane City posting their thoughts on the changes at TWC.

I don't live in California anymore but am sure people there are upset. People get very attached to their personal weatherperson on air and no matter where I travel someone tells me who their favorite on air weather person is...

Sad, really sad.

TWC is definitely broken but you don't fix it by taking away the one thing that was not broken.

Change is not always a good thing.. truth is TWC will never be what it was ...which was a good show that showed WEATHER and was for weather enthusiasts.. now it's a venue for commercials or toe nail with fungus and hairy backs.

Have a good weekend and hope your favorite weather person is on the air tomorrow and always..

Be well ... take care.. Bobbi


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