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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Small Quakes Shake Arkansas? Something to Worry On?

For a few months before the stronger 6.1 quake in October there were dozens of smaller earthquakes and countless really small ones in the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico region.

An area in Arkansas not known for earthquakes has had a swarm of small quakes. Geologists aren't sure why. What worries be is that it is not that far away from the region that gave us the New Madrid Fault Earthquake of 1812.

Often swarms of quakes are pre-cursors to larger quakes.. sometimes they are just quakes, the earth letting off steam.

It's something to think on and there are no tropical storms to watch we in the Earth Science world turn to other displays of earth's fury ... fury that is beautiful and sometimes sadly deadly.

Keep watching. As much as we worry on the San Andreas the strongest earthquake that rocked the United States across a large geographic area was in a region that that far away from these quakes. Except... years ago there weren't many people living in that region... today... it would affect so many more people.

So...keep watching if the weather outside is not so exciting.

Or keep watching the snowman cam.

Shabbos was good for me, beautiful actually all in all. Family meal, went to a class with friends, a walk with my boyfriend, relaxed.. hung out, went to Temple, saw my mother, saw old friends... tried not to focus too much on how much my heart was breaking for the people who died in the Mumbai Massacre. We talked, we thought quietly, we tried to find meaning or inspiration or a purpose in the madness.

And, we go on... memorial services tomorrow, plans to rebuild there and elsewhere so that the work goes on, their dreams do not die with them and the bad people do not win the war. They win the battle sometimes but not the war.

a few Americans survived the massacre in the hotel by agreeing not to speak English out loud and to speak some other language they knew. No words. A woman hid in a cabinet in the kitchen and survived. People died.

And, Pakistan doesn't want India to react or blame them. Boy, is that the understatement of the year.. 10 terrorists, most with Pakistani passports if not all.

Enjoy your Sunday. I will enjoy mine even if a part of my heart is breaking and my stomach is churning over the horrible thoughts and pictures that play through my mind of what that last moments must have been like for those in the Chabad House. A 59 year old Israeli mother of 4 died there along with the Rabbi and his wife as well as others. Some were bound before they died. My mind freaks at the madness, the tragedy... the horrors and yet... terrorists are not the only way we can be terrorized on Planet Earth. Sometimes...Mother Nature goes on a rampage and whether it's a volcano or a hurricane or it comes swiftly and surprisingly by a sudden earthquake... horrors can happen everywhere. As Jim Williams has said on a Hurricane City broadcast, we worry so much over terrorism and yet more people die around the world from natural events such as hurricanes, cyclones, tsunamis and earthquakes.

So... hope these little quakes in the middle of America was the earth crying over the horrible events that took place in India where close to 200 people have died so far and countless people were injured. Let us hope these quakes are not a prelude to a strong earthquake in Arkansas because we don't want the nearby New Madrid Fault to wake up do we?

So... whether I worry on earthquakes or terror attacks I and everyone needs to go on, live life and be strong. Proactive and educated and aware of the dangers we all face in today's world.

Yes, I go on... we all go on. I am in love. I am Thank God so blessed. I need to make some sense of it for myself and think of what to do and I will do.

As I tell my life, enjoy it, love every moment and give thanks for what you have and do what you can to help others.

Thank you for reading this.. it's therapeutic for me to write it... it's my way of saying life goes on..

Have a beautiful evening... enjoy the conjunction in the sky of Venus and Jupiter, so close together putting on a beautiful light show at sundown.

Nite.. Bobbi

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