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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tropical Tuesday - Fay & What Lies Beyond

Good morning Tuesday...

Going to back to work so this will be brief.

Fay is mostly a flooding event at this point no matter what the models say as it is moving slowly and swamping the North Central Coast of Florida with nonstop heavy rains. There has been massive flooding. The stories will come out of the little towns that dot the landscape up there that are not as exciting to do live television shoots as the more well known towns. Pictures don't lie and the story will unfold later today. It still has 45 mph winds so it is still a Tropical Storm and pretty amazing in it's strength.

Researchers will take apart this storm for some time trying to figure out and explain how it did better over land than water and how it slowly pulled together.

As for me I have to pull it together and go to work.

Miami had minor damage, some big trees down, some power outages, street lights out and a few twister touchdowns.

School starts today in Miami Dade County, that's the big story. And, I think canceling it was smart. Why start the first day of school in a meteorological mess when you can postpone it a few days and make sure everyone is safe and everything goes smoothly. Had Fay moved sharper to the right or intensified more the situation in Miami and the Keys would have been a big mess so we were blessed. We were blessed this time.

Look out to the Atlantic... and there are more waves, one now known as 94 that has Gustav all over it. Same set up, a big high pushes it west, a TUTT nibbles away at it's convection, it gets eventually to out side of the world and the models say it blows up pretty much where Fay did and keeps coming this way.

Life in the fast line in the Tropics on the west side of the Bermuda High!

Besos Bobbi


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