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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fay Stalled Still Spinning - Flooding Florida

Fay is still sitting off the East Coast of Florida spinning, officially stationary.

She is still pumping up moisture and dumping it on parts of Florida that though they were thirsty were not ready for the soaking that Fay would give them. Rainfall totals hard to imagine are piling up with terms such as "100 year flood" which are misleading but commonly used. Streets are under water, septic tanks are not working, FPL has been forced to turn off power to some areas for safety reasons. Water moccasins and snakes and fish are in those muddy waters. Beach erosion and well.. it's a bloody mess.

A man died in a "storm related death" and I fear we could hear a few more such stories as this long event continues.

Again.. there was so much attention given to the point of landfall and the cone that little attention was given in the press to the possibility of this sort of flooding.

Again, I think we need to handle tropical storms differently than we do hurricanes as they are similar but uniquely different.

There are many inconsistencies with regard to Fay. Her Barometric Pressure keeps dropping yet her wind speed does not go up. She has a large eye like feature yet not an eye and she is not a Hurricane. She acts like a Tropical Cut Off Low more than a Tropical Storm.

And, where will she go?

I am wondering if in the end we will have a separate tally for "Fay Days" up there next to "Named Storm Days"..

And, I am going to bed. I took a brief break tonight from the radar and satellite imagery and went out for a drink and a snack with my older son. It's not like Fay is going anywhere.

She's a soaker.

When this is all over and the water has gone away and people clean up the mess, the dollar total will be huge, already way up in the millions of dollars. The sand will need to be replaced on the beaches where it was washed way.

People's lives will have to be rebuilt. And, again we see an area seriously impacted financially by "just a Tropical Storm" and again I remind you that sometimes a Tropical Storm like this can do more damage than a fast moving Category One Hurricane.

Night... Bobbi


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