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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Southern California Firestorm Continues...

I feel badly that I live in South Florida today and am enjoying the most incredible blue skies and balmy breezes and people I care about in California are suffering with gray, smokey skies tinged in various colors or burnt gold and orange.

The winds should relax soon but then again I have a friend who always says never say "should" so.. let's say hopefully they will.

Then people can go back, pick up the pieces and move on with their lives.

There is an old saying that after a fire you become rich.. why or where it comes from, I don't know... but a fire changes your life and the life of your loves ones forever.

God Bless Firemen... and God bless those who lost so much in this fire.

Not much I can do or say to make it better but putting a sweet, silly song online today... because this song always makes me smile and someone in California sent me this smile so...

Here's to him... and the beautiful view from his house and time I have spent there... he's a good friend, ask his friends... they'll tell you :)

Nothing tropical to talk about but in politics I would beg to differ with Miss Rice as I really think the bombing of Kurdish Rebels by Turkey is a much bigger story than Iran being a threat to the rest of the world. I have the same degree as her, I won awards in college and I still have the same brain but it's only gotten better and the news of the Turkey and it's attempts to keep the lid on the Kurdish rebels has far greater ramifications in ways.

But... trying to relax and smile.. and tap my toes while waiting to watch the First Game of the World Series :) Go Red Sox...


Ps... a freebie in memory of handwritten lyrics...


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