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Monday, September 19, 2005

Miami Monday Night...Windy but she is Far Away & Strengthening...

It's been a long day.

Wake up to see models shifting more north.

NHC kept to their basic path.. and so far.. so good.

Woke up to sunny skies and a fresh feel to the air..

A few hours later... the clouds moved in.

Checked the models and got nervous.

Thought the storm looked bad.. everyone on TV said it looked good.

Began to worry it was going to move more to the wNw...worried about an upper keys landfall
Ocean Reef... 18 mile stretch..

Then.. looked like it was crashing into Cuba.. was really just shear from north pushing cloud tops off.. a good look at the visible showed the center chugging along north of west.

So................its been a long day.

Helped a lot to get some rest and go out to dinner with friends in from Key West.. staying for the storm. After being on the phone with them a good part of the day and on.. and other friends called.. other people here and there.. what a day. we are...again.

Got batteries, got radio, got water, got snacks, got battery tv hidden in drawer..

Hoping Key West misses a direct hit.

It's just such a part of me.. my family.. ME.. and I can close my eyes and wander up and down streets... breathe deep.. smell the frangrances... see the colors.. feel the Key West air upon my face that feels different from Miami... wonderful, friendly .. good.. nice people.

Hoping it will be okay.

Maybe I'm in denial. Maybe it's the pistachio ice cream I had ...not my favorite but was in the mood. Pistachio for Grandma Mary.

Night gang.. follow NHC.. watch TWC... going to lie down and fall asleep listening to Bryan talk..

See where she is in the morning...or when I wake up later.

Nite..hang tite.


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