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Friday, August 26, 2005

Quicky Thoughts.. Rapid Fire... Beautiful Katrina

1 Neil Frank is the Patron Saint of all of us trackers... pay attention to him in the coming days.

2 Brian Norcross. While he is not Neil Frank he is our own.. God bless him and may one day I remember if it is Bryan or Brian. Have a cousin Brian.. it's hard to type anything else. He is a fantastic .. amazing man. Stamina in a storm, on top of everything.. calming, reassuring. If Neil Frank is a Patron Saint .. Norcross is our own angel.

3 Jimmy Weekly.. Key West's own was on TV earlier. Unreal flooding for Key West. Most rain in one day from a storm in over 40 years. Streets I recognize flooded up to picket fences. Duval is flooded. Didn't see it coming. Much worse in rainfall than Dennis and it is still raining. Trust me, this is a big story... might try to keep it quiet for tourist dollar but flooding and rainfall (still raining in the bands) in the keys is big.

4 Got my power on early. Bless my lucky stars.. friends.. angels praying for me?? Thank you. Thank you very much. Deep sigh of relief.. let the kids eat all the snacks.. go for it.

5 New Orleans at danger for possible landfall from Kat unless things change fast.

6 It was the first time I really was in the eye and am amazed and awed. And, yes as a friend told me on the phone during that time.. was satisfying, was amazing. If I sounded good .. thanks. I was in awe .. as always.. of nature and it's fury.. it's beauty.. it's awesome power to always amaze me.

Going off for Shabbos. Thank you Mr. Sandman for sending me stardust to fall asleep today. Came over me suddenly, know you sent it from far away places... it found it's mark.. came over me, washed over me and I fell asleep like Dorothy in Oz in the poppy field.. with Emerald Dreams in my mind, dreams for my pillows and stars for my eyes and a masquerade ball where our love never dies.

Good Shabbos.. Bobbi... thank you.. you know who you are :)


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