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Sunday, July 10, 2005

TD 5 out there somewhere...

Long day. Long night. So much on my mind. A messy mind. A beautiful mind maybe, depends on who you talk to.. who I talk to..

Tonight I'm Jeannie sitting inside her bottle, nice bottle...nice sofa.. nice hanging lamp. CNN on the little TV. Jeannie sort of wants her master. No, I'm fine. I'm okay. I'll just sit here tonight, watch Max Mayfield talk about TD 5 on Larry King and listen to one of my 1,000 CDs my master has made me :)

Maybe that Weather Songs one.

Nah.. I'll listen to Drudge. I'll be unfaithful.

Teasing.. I'm fine, I'm okay. A little bit nuts from the hurricane rush.

I don't have a master... nope, nope... besides he never talks unless he has something to say ...cant type. lughing


Oh I am so tired.

Long day.

What coverage on CNN.

So Sharon emails me (you knew it was Sharon) and says "What that the most boring storm you ever saw???) Called her, said, "did you just watch TWC all day?" She says, "yeah" I said, "you didnt put on CNN? ever? Did you change the channel at all?" words.

She wants me to do move to Portland for some library job there. How could I possibly leave paradise?

Besides she promised we can live in the Keys in a trailer park someday.

loved watching him. Was great.

Had Ginger/Lemon/Honey crap ALL day and even made tea from it. Cherries. And, some wierd chicken soup recipe with garlic and ginger and when I put a drop of dried garlic in it (why cause I was using fresh too) about a TB fell into the pot and thought oh what the hell???? Left it in and figured would be healthier.

Don't worry... boyfriend wasn't around... he took his son to see Fab Four. He didn't like it. My son went to see it with his brother... he did like it. My weather friends kept me busy. A lizard is running across my wall near the Key West poster you get in the pickled pepper shop near Turtle Kraals..

I miss Key West. Stuart called.. he is okay in Ny. He thinks the house is allright in Key West. I hope so.

Men. They are all so nice in their way, each differently. Have learned so much from the men in my life.

As for stupid screenwriter.. he is probably tapping way as fast as he can after all the rich material my daughter gave in her letters from hell this week being hostess to a family party. Can see the movie now. Better than any Fockers or funny business.

Me.. I'll go back to work tomorrow. See my "friend" and smile. Me and My Shadow, not alone and not feeling blue anymore over you... reborn, alive... footloose and fancy free he is.. Smile.

Tomorrow.. Life Goes On.

Ron is right. Life does go on. Of course I'm not the one who uses my own name as an AKA.. makes you worry. so.. happy birthday ron, to the ron who knows who he is..
Keep the Faith! Live long and prosper.

Maybe the Redsox will win tomorrow.

Maybe I'll work on my novel. Or put my poems together for publication.

TD5.. on the horizon... coming to a tropical theatre near you..

I love Florida. Decided that this last month after the foray onto frumster. That was a stupid idea :)

Nite everyone... tomorrow is a new day.

Ya'll come back and see me sometime ;)


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