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Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Updated........Matthew Spinning Towards Florida Landfall.. Storms Moving In Early. SC Evacuations From Low Country. GA to NC Watching.

rbtop_lalo-animated.gif (720×480)

Do NOT underestimate this storm.
You can see the eye... wobbles N.. wobbles W
Torcon 5.. chance of tornadoes.

Most my family and friends watching Mike Live

Thoughts and info worth remembering.

Note the angle of those swaths.
NE Miami Dade .. E Broward.. Stronger winds.

Up the coast... setting up for historic landfall

And strong wording from NWS
Worst case scenario long term damage ..
Dangerous storm... very dangerous.

Mike updated
Has the new coastal impacts up there.
Scroll around he is updating it in real time.

And again the NHC said it's weaker now..
..but forecast to intensify over night.
A bit annoyed they couldn't leave it where it was..
..for continuity.
I know people have have changed their plans tonight.
They feel it's weaker not hitting near S Florida.
Never let your guard down until it passes by.
A few hours of safety can be worth a life time.

New cone at 11 PM
Models coming in soon.

Watching, listening to Mike Live
Watching TWC and Bryan Norcross.

Orlando and Tampa have warnings.
How sure are they it's not going inland?
Stay tune..

8 PM Update
Says it is weakening temporarily but expected to strengthen.
Supposedly recon had problems finding stronger winds.
Looks good on loop below..

Nicole is out there... waiting on 11 PM.

Bonus 20% on Carib Yellow Circle

Back to Matthew...

ft_lalo-animated.gif (720×480)

I think it looks pretty healthy . . . 

Some thoughts thrown out in random order of things that are important and worth mentioning. This is a huge system, not a small little storm. The inner core is small but the envelope, the signature is huge. Few realize how huge as they stare at the floater or watch the models. And trust me the models are really entertaining these days...

Hurricanes like this feed off of tropical moisture far to their South. In this case.... down in the Caribbean. One reason hurricanes that come in up and over the islands are so dangerous is because they do not have land interaction. Matthew is a Cat 3 while part of it is still interacting with Cuba.

latest72hrs.gif (947×405)

The morphed composite loop shows how it is pulling up moisture.
Some odd glitches on that loop but you get the idea.
It's in a sea of moisture all moving towards US coastline.

Well established signature on the winds imagery.
Note the barbs will get closer to Miami and tighter.
Then up the coastline metropolitan area by area.
Miami then FLL then WPB
Then we get to the area we worry on...
North of Port St. Lucie

There it is... the Florida coastline.
All the beach cities and suburbs inland.

And here is Matthew

rb_lalo-animated.gif (720×480)

Not intensifying as fast as expected.
Again moisture to the South is blocked a bit by Cuba.
Note the moisture coming into South Florida now.
Random squalls blowing in on the Gulfstream.

Yep, that's the way it goes in Florida.
Strolling up A1A
Matthew may do just that...

FIU is closed as is most of South Florida.
They send out emails to parents.

And as regards to the crazy cone with the looping Cane.
Be aware it can loop anywhere in that cone.
It can loop small or wide.
It can stall and do small loops.
It could take a track like any of those below:

Good chaser to follow on Twitter

He's in the storm.
Always in the storm.
He lives to chase the storm.

As for loopers...
Hurricanes that loop.
Matthew looped in the Carib once already.
It's more common than you realize.

A few more graphics.
Humor is good.

As for Matthew... 

That's not a mass of tropical weather to laugh off or ignore.
Note the High pressure pinching in from either side.
Bit stronger on the East side... 
Pushing it towards Florida.

Last comment.

NRL Map shows a Landfall.

Best map there is if you ask me.
Again Tampa has a Tropical Storm Watch in case...
Miami has a Tropical Storm Warning.
North of Miami a Hurricane Warnings.
Whole state is covered with warnings.

Evacuations already in coastal South Carolina.
Low Country is low... 

That's a high amount of rainfall.
If it moves closer to the coast.
Ouch... flooding.

Worried a bit one of my favorite spots.
St. Marys, GA
Tybee Island near Savannah.

Stay tuned...

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

Ps... be back later tonight with info on models and 11 PM
I'll update models at the top of this post.


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