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Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Feisty Matthew Expected to Intensify Some Over the Gulf Stream. Tracing the FL Coast or Will it Make Landfall?

Again note direction NNW at 10 MPH
115 MPH
964 MB

wv-animated.gif (720×480)

You can see the edge of the high, dry moving West across Cuba.
The High to the East of it moving slowly a bit to the West.
Matthew following the moisture feed NNW.
It's a very simple forecast.
Difficult because it is so close to the coast.
It basically wants to trace the coast.
Cape Kennedy may be sticking out too far.

5 AM Cone. 
Updates at 11.

Discussion from NWS Miami.

Most relevant discussion from NHC.
Difficulties of a Hurricane tracing the coastline.

And discussion from NWS out of Melbourne, FL

Recent recon in the plane....
Found it weaker after the passage over Cuba.
Expected to intensify over the Gulf Stream.
If you live in Miami you should be prepared.
That goes for FLL WPB and Vero Beach.
The whole area knows the drill.

You should be gassed up.
Money out of the ATM
Water out the wazoo.
Have your plan.
Carry out your plan.

My son posted this last night on SnapChat
Because he's my son.

When I showed concern to an older son...
...he said not to worry on the younger son.

Worrying when you are far away comes easy.
Especially with restless kids.
But he's got gas in his car...

On the positive side the safest side to be on is the SW.
And this has been a right sided storm... so far.

NRL Map is below:

So those are my early thoughts.
NC seems to possibly be dodging the bullet IF
Models verify and show it looping right...
...towards Nicole.
Sniffing around and then deciding...
Nah don't like Nicole enough..
And coming back to Florida for more.

Yeah I stayed up til 2 am for those models...

Not quiet a Fujiwara as much as a "nah don't really want to"

Stay tuned...

I'll update around Noon.
And I'll be updating as warrants throughout the day.

ft_lalo-animated.gif (720×480)

The eye will come back fast over warm water.
It did not die over Cuba.
It came off with 115 MPH winds.

And suddenly it's NW side looks feisty.
Almost like it's giving the finger to Florida.
Or waving perhaps.
Time will tell.

When a Hurricane is this close to the coast.
There are a lot of options.
Only out to sea is a good one.
Multiple places could see landfall.

Stay tuned....
Be in place soon if you are in South Florida.
Traffic may get crazy so don't wait.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

Ps Everyone has a thought... 
From Jim Williams at Hurricane City.
He's big on models ...not just EURO and GFS
Perhaps Margaritaville Hollywood Beach will get a test..
...see how prepared it is for a Hurricane.


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