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Friday, October 07, 2016

Hurricane Matthew Heads For the Carolinas. GA SC Coastline Flooding, Inland Flooding, High Winds NC All the Way to OBX. Punching North Into the Dying High To Its North .. Front Moving Also... Hmnn

sat_wv_east_loop-12.gif (640×512)

Look at that... Matthew punching up erasing the High Pressure.
Front sliding down to grab it.
Oldest story in the tropical book.
Seems Nicole wants to do the loop.
Matthew Moving North.
Bringing it's weather to Georgia and the Carolinas.
Maybe Virginia...

florida_radar_long.gif (1024×768)
I'm lying in bed watching the local Weather.
TWC will be back on later.

Attention turns towards the Carolinas.

Another voice to listen to...

Brad is in Charlotte.
So are a lot of people from Charleston who evacuated.
I'd move to Charlotte to get his weather reports on TV.
He's good but he is online also so check him out on Facebook.

But I'm in Raleigh.
Watching Wes in Raleigh.
He's worried on flooding in the Sandhills.
Why? They have had flooding recently.
The ground is wet and big oak trees tip over easy.
They tip over easier when the ground is wet and can't hold the roots.

My preferred voice in the Raleigh area.
I've learned he doesn't dumb down the weather.
He educates but doesn't hype.
He has passion for weather.
He's right more than he is wrong.

So... Matthew is moving on.

Down in Florida people are riding out the storm.
They are stranded in places where water rose fast.
And they stayed as people so often do.

Showed this before and showing it again.
I heard about it because people kept asking which B and B it was..

Parts of A1A are washed away in Flagler Beach.

Could have been much worse.

And now as the hurricane moves North we look at the cone.

The only part of the cone that I will discuss is the part above.
There is plenty of time to talk on loops or other long term discussion.
If it loops out in the ocean no one but Carnival Cruise lines need to see it.
Seriously... 3 states are in the path of Hurricane Matthew's weather.

Discussion from the NHC

Note their last line.. Confidence is low...
So we are ignoring anything but the salient parts.
Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina are in it's path.
I'm pretty sure parts of SE Virginia will also get impact.

Below we see Matthew.
Note how tight it's wind barbs are to NE of it's well defined eye.

Below it an up close image of the area I'm worried on.
You can't even see the coastline there.

Where those lines are pushing in to the WEST over the top of the Eye.
The water it has carried with it from the Caribbean... being pushed North towards the coast.
Storm Surge.
Inland Flooding.

I'm not being melodramatic.
As it never really hit any large land mass... has been pushed North and it end here.
It may loop... later.
But for now the water is coming at the Low Country.
It's making a last stand at the Strand in Myrtle Beach.
Beautiful islands in it's path along the coast.
And that water will be moving, oozing inland up the river basins.

The Hurricane they keep mentioning on the news here is Floyd.
And Floyd is a good comparison.
It scared Florida and traced the coast making landfall in NC.

You know in Miami it seemed a lot closer.
But it stayed off shore.
Roared by ... of the angriest oceans I ever saw.

A good video if you have power and want to learn :)
Learn now, knowledge is power.

"she woke up that morning and there was water in her backyard"
She did NOT live on the coast but inland.
We don't expect that sort of flooding.
No one really expected it then either... 

latest_wv_loop.gif (535×440)

What I want to show you is above.
... The high that was there stopping it from moving North.
So I don't believe the whole loop de loop right now.
Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe Nicole loops...
Maybe the models are tired.
That moisture, that outflow is pushing North.
Much like Hazel pushed North once upon the time.

Yes it could stall and begin to move South or SE or E.
But the rain is already punching in...

It's already rained here far in advance of the storm.

Will it continue inland or stall or slow or turn away.
Stay tuned.

Watch Mike on Facebook or check out Spaghetti Models

Okay so I like make up and I like BELK ;)
Anyway I'll be back Saturday late.
Going off for Shabbos.
Doing my thing.
Going to sit on the balcony... to my purple mum plant.
Drink sweet tea and watch Matthew.

Now isn't that pretty cool.
My kids in Miami got to watch Matthew...
...and so do I here ;)

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

Ps.. wonder whose children those are...
...couldn't be my daughter could it?



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