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Thursday, October 06, 2016

Hurricane Matthew Cat 4 Miami Beach Getting Nasty... Weather Gone Down Hill in Miami As Bands Come Thru.. Up the Coast Preparations for a Landfalling Cat 4

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Update from Jax Beach 


Kids. Okay they are my kids and I did go to the beach with them before hurricanes so can't really be annoyed they are out there and it's comforting somehow to see them.

The groom from my recent wedding in Miami ... Mendy... love it, a selfie stick..

Maybe was a wedding present for the Italian honeymoon

People ask why I don't tell them to leave?
They know when to go...
And the siren went off and police clearing the area :)

Then storms move in FAST

My kids

Funny video my daughter-in-law Rachel posted

So Miami.......

 My friend Laz was there also...
..went home with his wife after getting some ocean time.

Laz was in a movie... played by Howie Mandel.
Crown Heights Showtime

A movie about him and the band The Cure

Laz way crazier than the way he was played online.
Close friend... seems most my friends were at the beach today.

Life can be stranger than fiction..
...but fiction can make real life better sometimes.

Stay tuned more video coming.

Update on Matthew later today at 5


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