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Thursday, October 06, 2016

UPDATED!! Hurricane Matthew Live Videos Updates NW at 12 MPH Moving Towards FL

As Matthew approaches he hits shear.
Approaching Cold front.

Squalls speed onto Miami Beach.
Goes from nothing happening... OH MY GOODNESS
If you look close up there are ppl walking on that bridge.
The weather looked okay to a tourist...
...and then it wasn't.

Great shot of Miami Beach Surf from Dr. Laz
Google Dr. Laz... Musician, surfer, Rabbi... good friend.

Shear map shows higher shear as Matthew approaches coast.
Makes me wonder why NHC insists on intensifying.
Oh the models........

See it hits a wall of shear soon.
Worries me as it may become more unpredictable.
Could slow down...hit further South than expected.
That's a wall of shear folks.
One reason maybe hurricanes rarely hit Space Coast.

See below the shear, wind speed increasing up around Gville?

And note the red is the core of the storm.
Strong storm spiraling NW..
Eye getting closer to edge of red.
That's because of the shear I'm pointing out
11 AM discussion may reflect what I am saying.

ft_lalo-animated.gif (720×480)

Note the strong squalls spiraling away from Matthew
Moving onshore ahead of storm...
Red Core is he BAD part..
Note red in squalls embedded in yellow & blue
Take it seriously in Miami and FLL
Hunker down, hang out.
Will pass soon.
Up the coast a harder passing...
..with each mile NW it gets closer to a possible landfall

One block down from the church steeple is where I spent Hurricane Andrew.
Down that road... few blocks from where my friend is sending me video.

Matthew Morning in Miami...
Updating here in real time.

This is the bottom line.
Before a hurricane makes landfall..
Or a hurricane slides by just off shore...
You got to stop and look around sometimes.

Stay safe but look around, remember.
It may not look like that again for a long time.
Miami Beach should be fine...ish.
Ft. Lauderdale .. more problematic.
West Palm Beach much more problematic.
My father used to say God has a funny sense of humor..
North of Palm Beach..
The coast of Florida sticks out...
Around 3 AM tonight we find out.
After the lights go out.
Power out.

Really it is that dramatic.
I was talking to Jim once in a storm...
..he was feeding me barometer readings.
And then the line went dead..
My computer kept working on battery..
Til the grid went down.

Stay tuned not singing off updating live

Last time Palm Beach had a big hurricane.

If you need some humor...
Google: How Abuela Handles A Hurricane

Live in Miami all year... you get a good sense of humor for these storms..

Understand in South Florida Palms SWAY
They rarely snap.
Up the Coast from Palm Beach North.. you get more hardwood trees.
Hardwood trees snap, power out.
Over a large area of the E FL coast ...
...will take a while for FPL to put the grid back together again.


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