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Friday, October 30, 2015

Atlantic Yellow Circle - Spy Blimp Takes a Road Trip... Like they did in Iraq ... They Bought a 2.7 Million Dollar Blimp With No Way to Get it Down Other Than Shooting it down...shame they didn't put the money into the GFS model

You can see it in the far left of the loop.

wv-animated.gif (1120×480)

Not hard to find...

Feel free to watch it develop or deflate... um fall apart?
Good song below for loop on the WV Loop

sat_wv_east_loop-12.gif (640×512)

Some of the underpaid, overly dramatic models develop it some... says this about that.

"Looking at the global model guidance: The GFS model guidance forecasts little development from this system for at least the next week. The long range GFS model guidance does forecast some development of this system when it reaches the Virgin Islands around November 9th.
The European model guidance forecasts no development from the low pressure system near 35 West Longitude. It should be noted that the European model guidance does forecast a broad low pressure system to develop in the southwestern Caribbean around Monday or Tuesday, however, it indicates no significant development of this low pressure system."

No model tracks on
Perhaps later today if the models decide they like it.
For now they are watching it. I'm watching it.
NHC is watching it. We are all watching it  ...but it's far away still.

See SW Carib has a purple splotch!

It's been a great year for storms forming close in.
Joaquin and Patricia are 2 majors to mention.

It's been a bad year for storms far out in the Atlantic.
Shear beating up on really great tropical waves.
So I really don't think this wave will develop a lot.

I wouldn't say yet it's nothing and nothing will come of it.
But it's fun to watch a far away wave under surveillance by the NHC.

Speaking of surveillance . . .

The New York Times was on it also. My son says they always get their facts right...

Yes the runaway blimp ran away with the Internet on Wednesday eclipsing talk of the soon to be held Republican debate later that night. All anyone wanted to talk about was the missing 2.7 Million Dollar blimp and it's mile long cable that was electrified and knocking out power along the way as it lost altitude over Pennsylvania. What many don't realize is they really got lucky as a day later and the prevailing winds would have taken the blimp up the I95 corridor to Lord only knows where. Luckily it took it's runaway, road trip to a sparsely populated area. Sort of like Patricia...

It was mentioned numerous times that the winds were "strong" in the area. At least 25 MPH... and may have contributed to the problem. Well, that's wrong and we have been given no explanation for why the spy blimp went up, up and away. Seems the blimp was built to withstand hurricane force winds and well you know there was no hurricane in Maryland or I'd have been blogging about it.

So how did the blimp get loose I wonder? And, why would you go with a 2.7 million dollar blimp and not have a rescue plan. Reminds me somehow of Benghazi . . .  And, Huckabee who seems to be in the race to raise up his political commentator status to a higher level did indeed compare the problems of the government's to the out of control blimp. It's a fair comparison. Many things about our infrastructure often seem to work on a wing and a prayer. We spend a fortune upgrading the American model (GFS) but not give it what it really needs money wise and then we rely on the EURO model that is superior. From a meteorological point of view we love the EURO but from a patriotic point of view we wish the GFS got it right more often.

This is not a bi-partisan issue, they both stink to misquote an old friend named Charles. It's the bureaucracy itself that builds in this problem in the same way someone approved of a spy blimp with equipment that was said to have the highest security level involved yet no way to bring it down securely if it gets away. Ummmmm. We are mandated by law to wear seat belts. Buildings are mandated by law to have smoke detectors and fire extinguishers. And, yet no way was built in to bring it down should it go up, up and away. Blimps and balloons are known to do that. Seems a strange disconnect and it does make you wonder. But, looking at the runaway blimp you can understand better why we rely on the EURO while feeding not enough money into the GFS.

Did you really think I was going to discuss in depth a 10% yellow circle out in the Atlantic that seems more anchored to the spot than the blimp that got away.

How did it get loose? There is way more to this story than we have been told. This was a NORAD blimp. You know NORAD that protects us and tracks Santa Claus.
There's an App case you were curious.

Imagine having to explain to your grandchildren one day that you were once on lock down in your school room due to a runway spy blimp.

As a weather and history person it reminded me of the Hindenburg.

You got to wonder what they were smoking when they agreed to a spy blimp...
...obviously something strong as it had no way to be retrieved if it got away.
Oddly as the crow flies not that far from the same spot.

Weather DID play a factor in that blimp drama.

You can Google it for yourself.
The price tag was anywhere from 2.7 to 2.9 Million Dollars Quoted.
Add in the costly retrieval expense...

I'm sure it sounded like a good idea back when Wilma was making her move on Florida.

Quote below is from the website listed above. It's obvious it has an agenda but... does everyone online. 2005 wow, a lot of genius ideas came out of that time frame.
See doesn't matter if you have a Republican in office or a Democrat.
The system itself needs to be changed not maintained.
Changed in a positive way.
Perhaps someone will make a movie . . .

"The project is called JLENS – or “Joint Land Attack Cruise Missile Defense Elevated Netted Sensor System.” And you couldn’t come up with a better metaphor for wildly inflated defense contracts, a ponderous Pentagon bureaucracy, and the U.S. surveillance leviathan all in one."

My biggest concern is a need to upgrade out American model and not rely on other models.
That may not sound great from a Global perspective but I think we should think local.

Next time you hear about how the EURO beat the AMERICAN (GFS)...
.... remember the blimp.

One reason the blimp story got to me was....
In South Florida we have Fat Albert.
Fat Albert is the nickname of the blimp in the Florida Keys.

We all love Fat Albert.
We take pictures and wave to Fat Albert.
We'd hate to see Fat Albert get away.
What if Fat Albert defected South to become Muy Gordo Alberto?
Would Castro shoot it down or embrace Alberto?

Do we have a way to bring down Fat Albert if it gets away?
You see this was a huge concern for me suddenly.
Seems they got away in Iraq and Afghanistan....

Government officials said they just waited for it to come down.
Or .. perhaps they shot it down or someone else did. True story.
Spoken about on the news and there's video online shown above.

They shot it down.........think about it.
Guess there was no golden parachute there....

They shot the Aberdeen Blimp that seems not to have had a nickname :(

Politics and Weather. 
Gotta love them.
So much in common.

Good times. Good memories. Strange memories ;)
The government was really handing out money then ...wasn't it?

Looking back... a lot of people did things in 2005 that seemed to make sense.

 A video to watch if you are the type to worry on things like this.

Another interesting one...

Odd thing about odd videos like this is... a lot of the info is right.
A lot of the info is wrong, but much right.
Remember that when you watch the movie.
(Really trying not to giggle here too much...
I giggle too much my asthma acts up...
OH 2005 lol)

Besos BobbiStorm
Ps @bobbistorm on Twitter

And as for being under surveillance by the government.. know like that TV show "Person of Interest"
Well I'll let my friends deal with them.
Yes I am that girl....
No, I didn't hear anything nor know nothing about 2005.

Good, crazy times. Good memories.


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