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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Watching the Carib... Nadine Still A Cane

Nadine is still a Cane... now let's move on to some interesting satellite imagery..

Nice loop....

It shows an interesting area in the Carib that is being ventilated by an ULL to it's west... and currently does not have any circle on the NHC map.

Here's a current image that shows a purple blob, but will update and may change in the near future ... ramp up, or fade away..

Note the missing part of the image which is the best we can do without Goes 13 working....

Note it is currently showing green on the funktop yet... no yellow circle..

Hmmnnnn... let's see if they add in a circle. They will want to wait and see it persist.

Also, over by the shear zone in the image is a wave to the south of Nadine. 

Some interesting things.

Personally... I do think October will find us with some named storms ... 

So...keep checking back...and keep watching...

Sweet Tropical Dreams...


Ps... night time dreams still in black and white like the water vapor loop


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