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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Still Watching Nadine..... 10% in Eastern Atlantic

Rumors of development in the Gulf later this week, however no circles are currently up on the map.

Still a lot of weather down in the Caribbean and a constant flow of moisture that will keep pumping up.

Sucky, stupid satellite image ... that I can say sucks and really, honestly someone needs to start dealing with the reality that we are falling way behind the space race...  what if we had a real storm there to follow... a torn page on the right side of the Goes 14... no words...

Not a lot to add. I have a holiday coming up tonight at sundown and I'll be offline until Tuesday night after sundown. It's called Sukkos. We eat outside on the deck in a little hut that we build and it's a Jewish Harvest Festival of sorts. A lot of good food, fresh vegetables, baked goods, flowers from Fresh Market and the weather from God. Will see how the weather plays out. Often times in Miami we get hurricanes and either way am up in Carolina for the holiday. Cool nights, warm days and a good chance of rain as a cold front backs up as a warm front...or so they say. They can't predict the weather here for more than 24 hours in advance so who knows. And, memories of Sukkos that went blowing in the wind in Miami with various Hurricanes that came through on their own schedule.

Life is good. Isn't that the saying of this year... or this summer? Everywhere I went this summer I saw mugs and pens with it on there... so... guess that's the saying of the year.

Boy, am I redundant. Got to run... see you in October and hopefully there will be something more to talk about than the every popular Nadine lol.

Besos Bobbi

Ps... Thank you ...and you know who you are for helping to make my life ... my life. It's obvious a work in progress...


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