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Thursday, August 09, 2012

NEW Invest ON the Coast of Africa

An old Carpenters Tune comes to mind... "So Far Away" and this Invest is about as far away as you can get as it's still partially over Africa.

Loop the loop:

A lot of crazy stuff going on today.

A new TD.

A lot of transference of energy back and forth between the remnants of Florence, an ULL and a tropical wave near Florida and the Bahamas.... that is what Tropical Weather is all about... transference of energy and sometimes it's not a smooth transfer but an oozy, woozy sort of movement that is akin to a ballet in the atmosphere. Sometimes, you got to just sit back and relax and enjoy the show.

Funky looking alien sort of creature up there at the top of this image... yellow eyes.

The high is alive, there is dry air everywhere and a few circles in the tropics do not make hurricanes. But, we are getting closer.

Loop for Cousin SAL:

As for Ernesto... he's in Mexico, not discussing him here as there is much more to discuss down the road that could come this way and affect us in a week...or two........or not. 

The new Invest is actually a split wave of sorts... one high, one low. The low one might have more of a chance. The stronger one to the north (now over land) could develop fast and curve out to sea even faster than you can say FISH.

Then again, a lot can change considering it's still getting ready to dive into the Atlantic Ocean.

What's next? Circles over the Congo?

Sweet Tropical Dreams... let's see what is going on in the morning.  For tonight, the East Coast is safe from anything tropical and the islands are preparing to see more action down the road. 

Besos Bobbi

Ps... over Africa they make it an orange circle with a 30% chance... sort of no words.

Oh and NOAA said it's going to be a busier than normal Hurricane Season.  That, by the way, is not a FORECAST it's just a statement of fact...not exactly breaking news.


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