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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Tons of Tropical Rain in South Florida Today

Cloudy, soupy mess in Miami today as bands of rain keep rotating in, moving onshore and very visible on the radar. Makes you remember that the Hurricane Season is not that far away. The satellite imagery shows the illusion of a storm or system there, yet according to the NWS it's just a lot of rain...

In actuality it's one long, plume of moisture that is moving up from the Caribbean and it has been for days. More so, it's going to get worse over the next few days as a low may develop over the area.

Just a lingering frontal boundary of some sort...  what is most interesting is that if the models verify the low travels NW into the Gulf of Mexico.

Funny, that sounds like late May and a prelude to an early Hurricane Season not a remnant of a low on a cold front moving across the State (like the last one last week) towards the Carolinas.

Something to think on this morning as you stare out your hotel room across Biscayne Bay towards the Atlantic Ocean beyond the narrow strip of land we call "The Beach" that others call "Miami Beach" and you wonder where the sunshine went in the Sunshine State.

I'd say the May Monsoons are a bit early this year and I'd stick my neck out and add that the Hurricane Season will be early too!

Look at a post I posted in LATE May of 2009, not to be repetitious here but... this is a month early compared to 2009. Wild storms though that year...

Miami Monsoons are wild things to behold. This mornings rain seems more like a weak, tropical disturbance that is wandering it's way across the State waiting to find some direction. Not the typical late afternoon thunderstorms.

Time's gonna tell on this one but that is one heck of a plume of tropical moisture coming this way...

You can watch the "low" trying to form, hanging in there sort of centered over Marathon and the Keys twisting about...storms forming and throbbing their way across the Keys, the Miami Area and a sort of tortured day for the Naples area if you wanted to do anything but watch the rain fall.

I can almost hear Alberto whispering in the wind "me first, me first" waiting for his chance to enter Stage Right and move his way across the tropical stage.

Besos Bobbi

Ps if you are in the South Florida area today, it's a good day to stay inside or find a good covered balcony and read a good book. Or try a Mall, Barnes and Noble, a Movie maybe...There are Rip Currents Warning at the Beach, a Flood Watch and a Hazardous Weather Outlook and the Hurricane Season hasn't even yet begun... even though Alberto is whispering in the wind "me first, me first"


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