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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Equinox -- Spring Thunderstorms

The Spring Equinox began today as we moved one step closer to the start of the Atlantic Hurricane Season.

I woke up this morning to thunder, serious thunder to my south as lightning lit up the sky so much that I began to worry the nuclear plant in Holly Springs was on fire or something... been a long time since I saw that much lightning in such a short period.

It was distant and far away, but it flashed so frequently that it looked like one of those smoke detectors that flash rather than just make annoying sounds. 1, 2, 3, 4 strikes in a row. The NWS statement said they were coming at 1 every 6 seconds. That's a lot of lightning.

So, seems Mother Nature kicked off the Spring Equinox with a light show and a reminder that we are no longer dealing with Winter in a good part of the Atlantic Hurricane Basin. In Miami the other day, there was no question that winter was far away ... it's been tropical there for months now...

Been busy while on hiatus with a family wedding in Florida, a trip to Savannah and Charlotte and just enjoying life. One random snow day.... before being back in sunny, windy Florida.

My family gathered to celebrate my son Levi's wedding to his beautiful bride on a beautiful windy day by the water... a very Miami wedding by the bay on a day with 20 mph winds and gusting higher. A tent went up, though the dance floor had a great view of the water and the palm trees blowing in the breeze. The stars came out, everyone danced the night away and I gave thanks.... a real deep thank you to the one above that things turned out this way not any other way.

My family is a wild group, prone to doing wild things some times.

You pray a lot as a parent. Being a parent makes you religious, trust me... you never prayed so much before becoming a parent. Terrible twos turn into troubled teens and more trouble in their 20s.... there is always something to worry on and ....there is always something to dance about. They love to dance, and they danced the night away under the stars at the end of Old Cutler Road, one of my favorite roads in the world.

So, where ever you enjoy this stormy Spring Equinox day know that the hurricane season is around the corner...a few months away.

I'll be back soon, posting when I can while preparing for Passover 2012.

Sweet Tropical Dreams... Bobbi


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